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15 DIY Home Decor Ideas You Can’t Resist

15 diy home decor ideas

Home décor is an art form. And with any art form, it’s up to you if you want to keep things minimalistic or go big. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home look beautiful or call in professional interior designers. Even the tiniest of changes can help make your entire house change for the better.
If you’re interested in learning how to give your house that ‘oomph’ factor then here are the 15 DIY Home Décor ideas you won’t be able to resist. They don’t require a lot of finances to do. All they need is your interest.

Make Your Own Art

Now, don’t be worried if you can’t create the next masterpiece because anyone can create art for their home. If are a skilled painter, then don’t be shy to frame and hang your work around the house. However, if you think you won’t be able to create something appealing, then you can frame inspirational quotes.
You can either print them out and then frame them or use a poster board and letter stencils to write down the quote in the manner you prefer. You can hang them up in your bedroom, study, or even the kitchen. Furthermore, you can get creative with this. You can paint the letters or cut them out from a piece of fabric.

Papier-Mache bowls


This is another easy way to give a new look to any decorative space. All you need to do is select a bowl or different sized bowls to use as molds. Cover the bowl with plastic, securing it with tape. Not flip the bowl over, the inside facing the surface you’re working on. Cover the outside of the bowl with a Papier-Mache mix. Let it dry and separate the Papier-Mache layer. Now, paint the new paper bowl however you want and display as a decorative item.

Patterned Clocks

Have an old clock lying around? Spruce it up with an exciting pattern. Disassemble the clock. Make sure you note down all the steps for assembling it. Measure the print you lick so that it’ll fit the side of the clock. Place the print inside, and assemble the bolts, nuts, and the clock’s hands for a new look.

New Vase

new vase

Have old cylindrical vases you want to throw away? Well, there’s a way you can make them look better. Space two rows of runner bands on the vase and start inserting paintbrushes inside the bands until the entire vase is covered. You can also use different colored straws and pencils for a different look.

Interior Curtain

Give a room some sense of division by hanging an interior curtain. This will also provide you with a sense of privacy.

Paint It White

Covering an old piece of furniture in a thick layer of white paint can hide all the stains as well as give it a chic, elegant look.

Covering Walls With Plates

If you have any plastic plates lying around, you can start gluing them to a wooden wall for a weird yet attractive look.

Turkish Runners

Don’t leave your hallway barren. Placing a couple of Turkish runners, depending on the size of the hallway, can instantly make it look decorated without you having to do much.

Using Old Curtains

You can easily give your old furniture a new look by covering your chairs and even the sofa with old curtains you might have.

Mix and Match

While you might be inclined to have a single color theme for your furniture, don’t be afraid to mix and match. You’ll be surprised by the new look that might pop up. Try swapping formal chairs with a few rustic looking ones or even try using different colored pillows with your sofa.

Paint Half the Wall

You don’t need to paint the entire wall in the color you want. Let half of it remain white and the rest in some other color. Don’t be hesitant to paint each wall in a room a different color either. Play around with the shades and see what works best.

Open Shelves

Not only do open shelves allow for easier access, depending on the things you place on them, they also add a bit of color in the kitchen. Place a few flowers or even fresh fruit with the rest of the things on the open shelves for easy décor changes. Brightly-colored dinnerware can also have the same effect.

A Patch of Wallpaper

No need to cover entire walls in wallpaper. Even a single patch used correctly can make an eye-catching statement.

Fabric-Covered Drawer Pulls

If you have extra pieces of fabric lying around you can use them to cover the drawer pulls for a bit of color and a unique look.

Change That Dresser

No need to buy a new dresser. Simply give it a new paint job or cover it with a beautifully patterned wallpaper to make it look as good as new.
Try these 15 DIY Home Décor ideas you won’t be able to resist and bring uniqueness to your home.

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