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4 Important Ideas For A Teen Boy Room

For a teen boy, his room serves as his private space, like a refuge, where he can relax, spend time studying, and hang out with friends, etc. It’s his sanctuary where he can go when he wants to be alone or when he is working out a problem. Furthermore, it’s the only place in the house where he feels free to add his unique touch to the interior décor. And since he is going to be spending a lot of time in this room, the decor should be multifunctional and flexible.

It’s not easy for every parent to come up with good ideas to decorate their teenage boys’ room. Although there are no rules for such an endeavor, there are some things that should be kept in mind.

You should select the colors for the décor carefully. It’s better to go with light colors to give the room a spacious look. You should find furniture that’s multifunctional to save space. You should come up with space-saving storage solutions, and most importantly you should keep in mind the personal interests and preferences of your boy such as his hobbies and sports.

It’s also essential that you give your teenage boy some creative freedom so that he can freely express himself. Doing so will not only give him confidence but will also make him feel responsible for their room because adding his own touch will make the room feel and look like a space he owns.

You should also take practical considerations such as study space, cost of redecorating when your boy reaches his late teens, storage space and so on.

Following are some cool bedroom ideas for teenage boys that are sure to inspire you:

Let the room reflect your boy’s personality

Make sure that you take your boy’s likes and dislikes into account when choosing a color for the room. Let him put up posters of his favorite music bands, show off his collection of model cars, action figures, or better yet let him paint the walls himself. This will help him establish his separate identity.

It should be practical

The room should have ample storage space so that there’s no clutter lying around. As your son will be doing his studying for exams in this room, it’s important to have a big desk area and a comfortable chair. Fix some shelves above the desk area so that he can easily store his books. Use platform beds or hanging beds if you are short on space.

Keep in mind that tastes change

As your boy gets, older his tastes will change. The things he liked when he was thirteen will become frivolous when he turns sixteen. Therefore, choose a wall color and accessories that will work for boys of all ages rather than there being a need to redecorate every couple of years.

Find out which color-theme works best for everyone

You can paint the walls in nice pale coastal colors to make it look more spacious. Add a mirror to the wall and choose light color bed linens to make the room look big. Orange color can give a feeling of energy. Paint one wall orange and go with a monochrome scheme for the rest of the walls for a stylish look. Everybody wants to paint their boys’ room blue, but green can also be a great alternative when combined with dark tones. However, do ask your boy for his color preference before starting to paint his room.

Coming up with an idea for your teenage boy’s room that will please your boy is no easy feat. You can try a modern look with simple signs or catch phrases in neon colors on the walls will make the room bright and give it a teen look. Another great idea is to display his sports trophies, sports balls, and musical instruments on shelves so that the room reflects his personality. Or you can simply choose a bedspread that has an impact on the whole room.

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