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6 Essential Steps For Choosing the Right Christmas tree

Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s time to get all the decorations out! And what could be a better way of getting into the spirit other than decorating the Christmas tree!

Buying a Christmas tree is one of the most exciting aspects of this festive season. However, purchasing the right Christmas tree can be quite a difficult task if you don’t know what you really want. A lot of people are unable to differentiate between different Christmas trees and are unable to decide which one would be a better choice for them.

To get the best Christmas tree that would continue to look good for a long time, you need to know exactly what kind of tree you want. There are different tree species available for you to choose from according to your requirements.

If you have kids, then you might want to opt for a tree with pines and firs that are soft instead of getting the sharp spruce trees, as they have needles that can hurt you.

Things to look for when in search of the perfect Christmas tree:

  1. First thing first- measure!

There is nothing worse than finding the perfect tree and bringing it home only to find out that the tree won’t fit in your living room. Therefore measure your ceiling height before you head out and before buying the tree make sure to measure the tree’s height so that you can buy the perfect sized tree at the end.

  1. Check whether the tree is fresh or not?

You need to get a fresh tree. So, make sure to bend a needle in half to see whether or not the fir snaps. If the firs snap while the pines bend but don’t break, it means that the tree is fresh.

  1. Check the needles to make sure they’re secure

For your Christmas tree to last longer, the needles need to be secure. What you should do is gently grab and pull the inside of the branch towards yourself. If the needles stay in their place, then the tree is fine.

You can even tap the cut end of the tree and see how many needles fall off. If a few of them fall out, then it’s fine. However, if a lot of needles fall off then you might want to continue looking for another tree.

  1. A better way to test for the tree’s freshness is by checking its weight

After the tree has been cut, it can no longer produce sap and continues to use the already-present sap until little is left. To see if the tree is still producing sap is by checking if any part of the tree is sticky. Try giving your tree a big ole’ hug if you end up being sticky then the tree is fresh for sure.

  1. Getting the perfect shaped tree

Who doesn’t want a perfectly shaped Christmas tree? While a lot of people prefer large trees, some prefer skinny trees, and others like to choose between short and long ones. However, the perfect cone-shaped tree is something everyone wants for their living rooms and this something every tree seller knows. This is why you’re bound to find perfectly shaped, fuller Christmas trees for quite a price. Therefore, before buying your tree make sure you know the cost and are ready to bargain.

  1. Make sure to freshen the trunk

Once you’ve brought your tree home, cut off the bottom of the tree trunk at least about half an inch. You can get someone from the tree retailers to help you out with that as well. Place the tree in water as soon as you cut the trunk as such a fresh cut will allow your tree to absorb more water in so that it can maintain its color, needles, and look fresh.

Feel free to follow these tips. Hope you have fun finding the right Christmas tree this season!

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