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7 Essential Ways to Help Choose the Best Bed Sheets

Since bed sheets come directly in contact with our skin, they’re as important as the quality of the mattress and the coziness of the blanket in ensuring we have a good night’s sleep. However, the wide variety of sheets available on the market can make it difficult to pick out the best bed sheets. But don’t fret. The 7 essential tips below can help you choose the right sheet for your bed.

Thread count

While many people know about thread count and decide to go for higher numbers, the truth is that thread count is used only as a measure of the durability and smoothness of the sheet. You should know that the number of threads that have been woven into one square inch isn’t the real deciding factor when it comes to selecting the best bed sheet. Instead, the deciding factor happens to be the material used.


The kind of material you should go for all comes down to personal preference. The most common fabric for bed sheets is cotton because of its breathability, comfort, and durability. Since cotton traps heat and lets the cool air pass, it is ideal for all climates.

Bed sheets made of other materials such as poly-blend sheets and linen are also available. Poly-blend sheets are resistant to wrinkles and are comfortable as well. Meanwhile, linen sheets are the most suitable for hot climates, even though they can be a bit expensive.

Sateen vs. percale

If you ask whether sateen is a much better option or sateen, then the answer is that neither of the two; it all comes down to taste. Percale is basically a plain, matte weave with a crisp and cool feel, thus making it the best choice for people that feel a little overheated while they sleep.

On the other hand, sateen is exceptionally soft and a little heavy as well. However, it does have a smooth and lustrous finish that resembles satin quite a lot. If you’re not entirely sure about the material you prefer the most, then look for fabric swatches that might be available on display for a touch test.

Which weave is better?

The way in which the sheets are woven determines the feel of the sheets. For example, percale is lightweight and is tightly woven; thus it results in crisp and cool bedding. Meanwhile, microfiber has an extremely tight, dense weave which is why it is resistant to water, extra soft, and wrinkle resistant. Other waves also include flannel that has a nappy texture, most suitable for cool climates.


Bed sheets play a significant role in the overall design of the bedroom. You can get a small, medium, and a large-sized mixture of patterns of colors belonging to the same family. Then, you can experiment with the prints to figure out which one complements your bedroom the most.


The number of sheet sets that you need is all up to you and how often you prefer to change the said sheets. But you must remember that sheets that appear to be summery can be used throughout the year. You only need to add a blanket, coverlet, and a throw; this will result in a warm and cozy bed for fall and winter.


It’s essential that you buy the right sized sheets because wrestling a small sheet on a mattress is almost impossible. If you have a standard-sized bed like a king, queen, or twin, then try purchasing bed sheets with features such as reliable elastic edging so that you can enjoy a smooth and snug fit.

Also, keep in mind pillowcases as well. If you use under-scaled or over-scaled pillows such as king pillows with a double bed, then it’s better to purchase pillowcases, flat sheets, and fitted sheets separately instead of purchasing the same-size set.

All in all, while knowing about the ways to select the best sheet does help, it does come down to your personal taste and the level of comfort you require. Also, it’s better to look at your options from a bed sheet manufacturing company you can trust.



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