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Blackout Blinds Vs Blackout Curtains: Where Do They Differ?

If you have a room or space where you want some extra shading and privacy from outside looks, blackout curtains or blackout blinds are your two main options. However, even though they both offer light blocking protection, they bear some differences in terms of composition, maintenance, and even price. In the present article, we are going to discuss their main differences if you are a new buyer so you find what you are looking for depending on your needs.

Light blocking protection.

Some spaces require more light blocking protection while others only need some level of shading. If you have a room where you want the option to reduce lighting and not completely block it or wish to control the amount of light that comes in, blackout blinds are ideal. On the contrary, if you want some heavier protection from light rays, blackout curtains are best. It’s simply a matter of how much light you want to allow in a room or not.

Style and look

Perhaps one of the most prominent differences of blackout blinds vs curtains is their look.Curtains specifically look more elegant and luxurious whereas blackout blinds look more simple and practical, especially in office spaces. For this reason, blackout curtains are ideal for home or hospitality spaces e.g restaurants and hotels whereas blackout color blinds are ideal for office or any other corporate spaces.

Care and Maintenance

Due to the fact that curtains and blinds are made of entirely different materials, they require different care and maintenance. Blackout curtains for example are made of dense fabrics like polyester or cotton mixes whereas blackout blinds are made of PVC or similar plastic material. As you can see, the proper way to clean your curtains is to machine-wash or dry clean them as they are made of fabrics. On the contrary, you can only clean your blinds from dust and bacteria by spraying and wiping their surface off. So if you don’t mind washing once or twice a month, opt for curtains or else choose blinds that require less care.


That is another factor to consider when choosing blackout curtains or blinds. Although this is a controversial subject among experts and consumers who tried them both, in most cases, blackout curtains are considered to be a tad more durable as they do not degrade and crack from the sun, heat or elements like plastic blinds. A good quality blackout curtain will last you for many years to come (even up to a decade) provided you care it and wash it right and not excessively. Blackout blinds on the other hand tend to last less, depending on their material as they are less sun and heat-resistant.


Whether you have a certain budget in mind-or even if cost is not an issue for you, curtains and blinds slightly differ in price. In general, blackout blinds are a cheaper if made of PVC or vinyl material. The price starts from as low as $8 and can go up to $50 on average per meter. However, wooden or more heavy duty materials may cost a bit more than this range. On the contrary, blackout curtains cost on average anywhere from $30-100 per meter.

Which one is better overall to buy? Essentially, both have their pros and cons and your choice depends on your individual needs. If for example, you want to block light in your home in a more elegant manner and if you don’t mind the cost or care, blackout curtains should be your choice. On the contrary, if you want a cheaper and more flexible option to control light in your small home or office space, go for blinds.

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