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5 Essential Summer Tips To Refresh Your Bedroom

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5 Essential Summer Tips To Refresh Your Bedroom

Summer brings a lot of things along. There’s pleasant weather, a lot of greenery to enjoy, beautiful evenings, and lots of flowers. When it comes to decorating your house, it’s a good thing to embrace the seasons. Adapt to the changes and allow Mother Nature to provide you with the inspiration you need. A lot of people tend to stay focus on a fixed theme and while that works for certain seasons you’ll probably end up getting bored without seeing change.

Now all of us don’t have the finances to redo everything in the house. Buying new furniture for summer or painting all the walls can cost a lot. However, what you can do is make some easy changes to give your rooms a new look. The bedroom is important in every house. It is a place for you to rest and recharge yourself after a long day. That is why it needs to exude a sense of calmness. It needs to be a sanctuary you can relax in.

So, wondering how to refresh your bedroom for summer? Let’s get to it!

Here are few easy-to-follow tips that can help refresh your bedroom for summer, providing you a space that’s stylish and lively.

Go for Brighter Linens

Go for Brighter Linens

While we pack away winter linens when summer arrives what we don’t tend to do is select summer linens that can give the bedroom a fresh look. Don’t be tempted to pull out those old linens from the cupboard. It is time for you to change this up. To refresh your bedroom you should invest in newer and brighter bedding.

Go for duvet cover sets that have floral patterns. They don’t need to perfect flowers per se, but as long as the design has a floral touch, it’ll do. You can also go with duvet cover sets that have splashes of color on a monotone base.

Use the Summer Light

Summer brings a lot of natural light for you to enjoy due to the longer days. Why not create a little seating area in your bedroom to make most of the light? Make sure that it’s near a window though. This will provide your bedroom with a more calming feel even if you don’t have time to sit down and read a book every day.

Add a canopy

Floaty fabrics, with bright floral designs, look wonderful when they happen to be fluttering near the windows or even around your bed. They also offer protection against bugs.

Bring the Greenery Inside

Adding indoor plants to your bedroom will make it feel fresher. Furthermore, it will also help to add some life to the overall interior. While you can go for fake plants, real indoor plants tend to improve the quality of air. Also, if you want to sleep in a fragrant bedroom go for potted plants that have a lot of flowers. You can also opt for small lemon trees or fragrant star jasmine. Who knows, you might end up attracting a butterfly or two, depending on the kind of plants you decide to add.

It’s All About the Colors

Summer is all about colors and you can do so much with the right color palate. Now, if your bedroom has walls that are dark colored, there’s no need for you to worry about ruining the look you want to achieve. You can still get a summery bedroom feel by adding a few summer-themed pillows. There are also other things that can be done. Why not put a white duvet cover on the bed and then pair that up with pillows with splashes of color?

Do try the tips above to refresh your bedroom for summer.


2406, 2017

Fresh and Appealing – Vaulia Bohemia Exotic Pattern Duvet Cover

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When you think of the Boho or Bohemian chic, you’ll instantly think of a casual and ‘free’ look. Now, while this style might not be everyone’s first choice, that doesn’t mean it can’t provide your bedroom or guest room with a look that will certainly be appealing to all. If you’ve been looking for a duvet cover that is able to change the entire look of your room, without you having to redo everything, then the Bohemia Exotic Patterns Microfiber Duvet Cover set is for you.

vaulia boho-1 vaulia boho-2


It boasts a design that can be described as an exciting blend of the quintessential Bohemian chic and a Middle Eastern influence. The pink base colors will add life to your room while the design which consists of Middle Eastern-inspired circular patterns incorporates a number of eye-catching hues including brown, pink, and magenta. This duvet cover set is perfect for a carefree yet stylish appeal.

There are numerous little designs that you’ll love. You will definitely like the floral patterns that seem to pop up from the cover due to the dark colors. Furthermore, every design has an intricacy to it that goes to show that a lot of time and care went through in the overall make of this duvet set.

Coming to its specifications, this Bohemia Exotic Patterns Microfiber duvet cover is made of 100% polyester microfiber. This ensures that you’re able to experience restful sleep and the fabric doesn’t cause any infection. Also, this cover features durable lightweight fabric that’s one of the best ones you can ask for to adorn your mattress with.

Using this duvet cover is easy too. This set features a hidden zipper closure. This means that you can easily get your comforter in out of the cover in a few seconds. Also, take note that the Queen and King size set comes with a single duvet cover along with two matching pillow shams to complete the look you’re going for.

If you’ve been meaning to invest in a duvet cover that all about giving off a look that is carefree yet stylish, then this set is for you. It is also easy to clean. All you need to do is machine wash it with cold water. There’s no need for you to use bleach. The fabric allows this cover set to be cleaned thoroughly without you needed to resort to bleach. Also, it is recommended that you tumble dry it. There’s no need for you to dry clean it. Also, iron it at medium heat if you want to.

If you’re someone who wants to give their room a new look, you can do so without repainting the walls or buying new furniture. With an appealing duvet cover set, like the Bohemian Exotic Patterns Microfiber Duvet cover, you can brighten up any room and that too in a few minutes. Either use it for your own bedroom, the bed for a child who loves intricate designs, or lay it out in a guest room to make them enjoy it.

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How often should you change your duvet and pillows?

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All of us have a favorite set of pillows, duvets, and mattresses. Without them, we just aren’t able to get the sleep we want, and that’s why we tend to use all three of these things when going to bed. Now, while most of us might end up giving our duvet a good old shake (in hopes to get rid of any dirt), we don’t necessarily change them as frequently as we should. And that leads to the question most of us don’t know the answer to.

How often should you change your duvet and pillows? Well, let’s find out.

Let’s face it, not a lot of us feel inclined to change our duvet and pillows. Either we don’t have the time, are too lazy, or just don’t care. Whatever the reason might be, the point remains that not doing so ends up harming our quality of sleep.


When to Replace Duvets?

Knowing when to replace duvets can be a bit tricky considering people commonly hide them with duvet covers and they will last you a long time before the need to replace them occurs. However, signs of lumping, lack of overall plumpness, wear and tear, and help you determine if it is time for you to replace a duvet.

Another reason you should replace duvet deals with cleanliness. A lot of people tend to buy a single duvet which they then proceed to use all year around. The problem with doing so is that when people happen to use a duvet (meant for winter) during the summer, it likely gets tossed on the floor where it sits throughout the night picking up dust, mites, germs, and other tiny bits from the surface.

A good thing for you to do is buy seasonal duvets which you can change with the environment you sleep in. Doing so will also provide you with the opportunity to clean a summer duvet during winter and the winter one during the summer without having to worry about what you’ll cover yourself up with while asleep. Furthermore, it will help prolong the lifespan of the duvet as it’ll be used during the season it’s meant for instead of being used all year long.

As for simple cleaning, you should try and clean a duvet at least one a year or after every six months if you’re able to.

When to Replace Pillows?

Before an answer is provided to you first try and give an answer to another question. When was the last time your bed pillows were replaced? If you had to think for a while, it might mean you haven’t done so recently.

It is recommended that you replace a pillow case at least every three weeks (and even sooner if possible). Furthermore, you should clean the pillow after every three months.

However, when it comes to replacing pillows, the entire thing is dependent on a few factors. High quality pillows can last more than a year, but individuals who are allergic to dust and other allergens might have to replace a pillow sooner.

Some of the signs that can tell you that a pillow needs to be replaced include the said pillow becoming lumpy, losing its plump, an increase in any allergic reactions, or if you need a new kind of pillow due to a medical condition.

Keep in mind that you require sufficient sleep if you wish to function properly. Not being able to sleep comfortably will make both your body and mind feel stressed. So, make sure that you keep your duvets and pillows clean as well as replace them if they start becoming lumpy and not being able to provide you with the comfort you require when you close your eyes.

1805, 2017

Do You Let Your Pet Sleep in Your Bed?

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Do you let your pet sleep in your bed?

Pets are man’s best friend, and part of being a best friend means that some of us don’t mind them sleeping in our bed. If you have been wondering about whether or not you should let your pet sleep in your bed, here’s to hoping that this post takes care of some of your concerns.

When it comes to deciding if you should let your pet sleep in your bed it all comes down to personal preference. If you like your pet pet sleeping with you, then you won’t ask your pet to do otherwise. In the same manner, if you don’t like your pet sleeping in your bed then you won’t let it even it wants to.

But if you’re currently on the proverbial fence about the sleeping situation, here are a few points that might help sway you to take a side. It turns out that there are benefits of letting your pet sleep in your bed.

They help you relax

Being with your pet helps give rise to joy and relaxation. You love it when they’re waiting to greet you on your return from work or when you play with them. In the same manner, having your pet sleep next to you can mimic those emotions and help you relax while going to sleep by producing oxytocin.

They warm you up

A sense of Safety

If you have a pet for security reasons, the same sense of safety can follow you in bed if you let them sleep with you. Afraid that a robber might break in at night? Having a pet next to you will help you feel safe and provide you with psychological stability at night.

Now, while letting your pet sleep with you in your bed has its advantages it also comes with some cons. Let’s go over them.

Disturbed sleep

Pets can disturb your sleep. They might move around a lot or press into you. They might get up from the bed; roam around the house, and come back again, making you wake up in the process. Sleep deprivation can make you feel fatigued. If you have a pet that’s problematic, then it might be best that you don’t let it sleep with you.

Asthma and Allergies

If you have some sort of allergies or asthma, then it is recommended that you don’t allow your pet to sleep with you. While playing with your pet might not cause an allergic reaction, sleeping with it in bed (for hours) can make your condition worse.

Intimacy Issues

Letting your pet sleep with you at night can give rise to intimacy issues between you and your partner. Snuggling up with your pet instead of your partner can lead to unresolved issues. If you still wish for your pet to sleep in the same bed then make sure it doesn’t physically come between you and your partner.

Behavioral Issues

Allowing your pet to sleep in your bed can lead to behavioral issues. Your pet might end up taking more space and even showing aggressive behavior towards you if it wants you to not get in bed. Ensure that you properly train your pet before letting him or her on your bed. Teach your pet about the portion of the bed they should sleep in. Maintain dominance over your pet.


You’ll need to make sure your pet is clean before it sleeps in your pet. Don’t let it dirty your bed with mud tracks or shedding too much hair. Also, clean your bed (even getting rid of all the hair will do) every after every two weeks for hygienic purposes.

So, there you have it. You’ll need to decide if you want to let your pet sleep in your bed after considering all the factors mentioned above.



405, 2017

Vaulia Lovely Emoji Pattern Duvet Cover: Trendy, Colorful, Fun!

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Emoji art supplied by EmojiOne

The Lovely Emoji Pattern Design Duvet Cover is perfect for a growing young people as it not only gives their room a trendy look but also a sense of humor that can only be exuded through the use of certain emojis. It can be a bit difficult to find the perfect duvet cover for teens as it needs to be one that they like. With the Lovely Emoji Pattern Design Duvet Cover, you can’t go wrong.

The yellow colored emojis really pop out against a white background and help you give any room a tinge of color that goes well with light and even darker colored walls. The accompanying emoji-heavy pillow cover completes the entire look. It’s vibrant, colorful, and fun!

vaulia emoji duvet cover-2vaulia emoji duvet cover-4

All of the printed emojis are safe to look at which means that you won’t find any circular faces that depict cuts, bruises, violence or self-harm. As a parent, making sure that your children are exposed to suitable content is your responsibility, and this cover does cover the bases.

The little yellow circles resemble tiny suns that show a variety of emotions ranging from joy, looking cool, being angelic, winking, and more. The emoji art which has used on this duvet cover has been supplied by EmojiOne, and it shows more than eight different positive emotions that your children will surely relate to.

With the use of emojis being one of the fastest growing ways of communication among the electronically-inclined masses it made sense for it to drip into their lives instead of being confined to smartphones. Emoji is a quick and popular way for young people to communicate and express their feelings. Even if they might experience some sort of struggle to find the perfect words for expression the use of emojis allows them to express what they want to say without using speech.

vaulia emoji duvet cover-3

It’s the first step of enabling them to talk about their problems and parents can use that to their advantage. Urging your children (in a friendly manner) to share what and how they feel, even when they’re shy to use words, through emojis can help parents better understand their growing children.

While the design of the duvet cover is appealing to children, teenagers, and even young adults, the make is impressive too. The durable and lightweight fabric allows for the ultimate sleeping experience. Furthermore, it features a hidden zipper closure that enables you to get the comforter in and out of this emotion-depicting cover without hassle.

The Lovely Emoji Pattern Design Duvet Cover comes in a variety of sizes so you can get the type you want. You can add emoji-filled goodness to a twin-size bed, a full or Queen sized one, or even a King sized bed, depending on who you’re buying it for.

All yourself, or your growing children,  to express an array of vibrant, colorful, and positive emotions through the circular yellow faces printed on the Lovely Emoji Pattern Design Duvet Cover.

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15 DIY Home Decor Ideas You Can’t Resist

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15 diy home decor ideas

Home décor is an art form. And with any art form, it’s up to you if you want to keep things minimalistic or go big. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home look beautiful or call in professional interior designers. Even the tiniest of changes can help make your entire house change for the better.
If you’re interested in learning how to give your house that ‘oomph’ factor then here are the 15 DIY Home Décor ideas you won’t be able to resist. They don’t require a lot of finances to do. All they need is your interest.

Make Your Own Art

Now, don’t be worried if you can’t create the next masterpiece because anyone can create art for their home. If are a skilled painter, then don’t be shy to frame and hang your work around the house. However, if you think you won’t be able to create something appealing, then you can frame inspirational quotes.
You can either print them out and then frame them or use a poster board and letter stencils to write down the quote in the manner you prefer. You can hang them up in your bedroom, study, or even the kitchen. Furthermore, you can get creative with this. You can paint the letters or cut them out from a piece of fabric.

Papier-Mache bowls


This is another easy way to give a new look to any decorative space. All you need to do is select a bowl or different sized bowls to use as molds. Cover the bowl with plastic, securing it with tape. Not flip the bowl over, the inside facing the surface you’re working on. Cover the outside of the bowl with a Papier-Mache mix. Let it dry and separate the Papier-Mache layer. Now, paint the new paper bowl however you want and display as a decorative item.

Patterned Clocks

Have an old clock lying around? Spruce it up with an exciting pattern. Disassemble the clock. Make sure you note down all the steps for assembling it. Measure the print you lick so that it’ll fit the side of the clock. Place the print inside, and assemble the bolts, nuts, and the clock’s hands for a new look.

New Vase

new vase

Have old cylindrical vases you want to throw away? Well, there’s a way you can make them look better. Space two rows of runner bands on the vase and start inserting paintbrushes inside the bands until the entire vase is covered. You can also use different colored straws and pencils for a different look.

Interior Curtain

Give a room some sense of division by hanging an interior curtain. This will also provide you with a sense of privacy.

Paint It White

Covering an old piece of furniture in a thick layer of white paint can hide all the stains as well as give it a chic, elegant look.

Covering Walls With Plates

If you have any plastic plates lying around, you can start gluing them to a wooden wall for a weird yet attractive look.

Turkish Runners

Don’t leave your hallway barren. Placing a couple of Turkish runners, depending on the size of the hallway, can instantly make it look decorated without you having to do much.

Using Old Curtains

You can easily give your old furniture a new look by covering your chairs and even the sofa with old curtains you might have.

Mix and Match

While you might be inclined to have a single color theme for your furniture, don’t be afraid to mix and match. You’ll be surprised by the new look that might pop up. Try swapping formal chairs with a few rustic looking ones or even try using different colored pillows with your sofa.

Paint Half the Wall

You don’t need to paint the entire wall in the color you want. Let half of it remain white and the rest in some other color. Don’t be hesitant to paint each wall in a room a different color either. Play around with the shades and see what works best.

Open Shelves

Not only do open shelves allow for easier access, depending on the things you place on them, they also add a bit of color in the kitchen. Place a few flowers or even fresh fruit with the rest of the things on the open shelves for easy décor changes. Brightly-colored dinnerware can also have the same effect.

A Patch of Wallpaper

No need to cover entire walls in wallpaper. Even a single patch used correctly can make an eye-catching statement.

Fabric-Covered Drawer Pulls

If you have extra pieces of fabric lying around you can use them to cover the drawer pulls for a bit of color and a unique look.

Change That Dresser

No need to buy a new dresser. Simply give it a new paint job or cover it with a beautifully patterned wallpaper to make it look as good as new.
Try these 15 DIY Home Décor ideas you won’t be able to resist and bring uniqueness to your home.

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