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4 Important Ideas For A Teen Boy Room

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For a teen boy, his room serves as his private space, like a refuge, where he can relax, spend time studying, and hang out with friends, etc. It’s his sanctuary where he can go when he wants to be alone or when he is working out a problem. Furthermore, it’s the only place in the house where he feels free to add his unique touch to the interior décor. And since he is going to be spending a lot of time in this room, the decor should be multifunctional and flexible.

It’s not easy for every parent to come up with good ideas to decorate their teenage boys’ room. Although there are no rules for such an endeavor, there are some things that should be kept in mind.

You should select the colors for the décor carefully. It’s better to go with light colors to give the room a spacious look. You should find furniture that’s multifunctional to save space. You should come up with space-saving storage solutions, and most importantly you should keep in mind the personal interests and preferences of your boy such as his hobbies and sports.

It’s also essential that you give your teenage boy some creative freedom so that he can freely express himself. Doing so will not only give him confidence but will also make him feel responsible for their room because adding his own touch will make the room feel and look like a space he owns.

You should also take practical considerations such as study space, cost of redecorating when your boy reaches his late teens, storage space and so on.

Following are some cool bedroom ideas for teenage boys that are sure to inspire you:

Let the room reflect your boy’s personality

Make sure that you take your boy’s likes and dislikes into account when choosing a color for the room. Let him put up posters of his favorite music bands, show off his collection of model cars, action figures, or better yet let him paint the walls himself. This will help him establish his separate identity.

It should be practical

The room should have ample storage space so that there’s no clutter lying around. As your son will be doing his studying for exams in this room, it’s important to have a big desk area and a comfortable chair. Fix some shelves above the desk area so that he can easily store his books. Use platform beds or hanging beds if you are short on space.

Keep in mind that tastes change

As your boy gets, older his tastes will change. The things he liked when he was thirteen will become frivolous when he turns sixteen. Therefore, choose a wall color and accessories that will work for boys of all ages rather than there being a need to redecorate every couple of years.

Find out which color-theme works best for everyone

You can paint the walls in nice pale coastal colors to make it look more spacious. Add a mirror to the wall and choose light color bed linens to make the room look big. Orange color can give a feeling of energy. Paint one wall orange and go with a monochrome scheme for the rest of the walls for a stylish look. Everybody wants to paint their boys’ room blue, but green can also be a great alternative when combined with dark tones. However, do ask your boy for his color preference before starting to paint his room.

Coming up with an idea for your teenage boy’s room that will please your boy is no easy feat. You can try a modern look with simple signs or catch phrases in neon colors on the walls will make the room bright and give it a teen look. Another great idea is to display his sports trophies, sports balls, and musical instruments on shelves so that the room reflects his personality. Or you can simply choose a bedspread that has an impact on the whole room.

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Easy-to-do decoration ideas for any baby room

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A baby’s room is home to many firsts, heartfelt joy and a lot of tears. It will hold memories of countless sleepless nights and messes that you’ll cherish for many years to come. Due to you spend a lot of time with your baby in the nursery, it’s important to decorate it not only as a welcoming haven for the baby but also as a relaxing retreat for you.Before your little one arrives, there are many decisions to make to get the room ready.Following are some points that will inspire you to create a perfect place for your little angel:

Choose a theme

The first thing that should be in your ‘to do list’ is selecting the theme for the nursery. You can go with a typical nautical theme for your baby boy, and a princess theme for your baby girl or you can try something different if you prefer.

You can go with a travel theme with a world map as wallpaper on one wall. On the opposite wall, you can hang pictures of famous buildings like Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal. You can get an airplane mobile for the crib to instill in your child a sense of exploration from an early age. There’s so much you can do!

Use washable wallpaper

Use washable wallpaper so that you can quickly wipe off the stains. Raising a child is messy, and that’s why you need to prepared. Washable wallpaper should be your go-to to avoid making the baby room look like a war zone.

Keep things close

This can to deal with keeping everything you need while changing a diaper within easy reach of the changing table in the baby’s room. You can’t leave your child unsupervised on the changing table because they might roll off. Therefore, it’s essential to keep wipes, the laundry hamper, diapers, waste bin, etc. within easy reach in the room. Convenience is more of a priority than such things not going along with the theme of a baby room.

Make sure to have ample functional storage space

You’ll need a lot of things for your baby. Make sure that you have lots of storage space so that you can keep the things back in their original places when you aren’t using them. Avoid clutter. You will be walking the baby back and forth at all times of the night, and if things such as toys, books, etc. are lying around on the floor you might trip over them in the dark.

So, go for portable storage spaces. You can find them easily. You can even paint some empty cardboard boxes to make get the storage you need.
such things not going along with the theme of a baby room.

Use heavy curtains or shades on the windows

The lighting in the nursery should mimic nighttime, anytime. Use heavy curtains so that the room is dark even when it’s time for the daytime nap. If you put light shades on the windows, they’ll not be able to block the sunlight. So, opt for heavier curtains.

Don’t hesitate to use antiques

If you have received an antiques from your grandmother, or if your mother has given something that you used to use or play with as a child make sure that you keep it in your baby’s room. It’ll offer the room a sense of love that’s trickled down generations. Even an old rocking horse will look awesome in a bay’s room even if your baby can’t play with it yet. You can even put up old picture frames on shelves. Perhaps try hanging knitted quilts on the walls for a unique look?

Don’t use the color white

A white chair or rug may look very stylish but will turn in to a dingy taupe color within a few months. Choose furniture that you can quickly clean, or has a darker color so that the stains don’t become too prominent.


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8 Steps to Help You Brighten a Dark Room

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Brightening up a dreary and dark room transforms the appearance of the space and makes it increasingly appealing. However, if you are unable to lighten up a room with structural changes such as adding windows, then you’re not out of all options yet. You can use a number of methods to convert your dark room to a brighter and much lighter place where you spend the time you want.

It’s true that a dark room does feel uninviting and a drab. However, by using the following simple techniques along with some accessories, fixtures, and paint, you can easily brighten up a dim space.

Paint the ceiling white

You might already know that any ceiling, when painted white, can make the room appear much taller and brighter; however, the said white paint has to be of a particular shade. To have a bright room, you need to have the brightest and the clearest white you can find. Stay away from shades such as off-white, ivory, or cream even if you’re a fan of them.

Use mirrors to maximize light

Mirrors are the ideal tools you can use for brightening a dark room. Place mirrors exactly opposite to the windows wherever possible. Why? Well, doing this will reflect natural light. If it isn’t possible for you to do this trick with mirror placement, don’t be worried yet. Another strategic use of mirrors can still brighten up a room regardless of where they’re placed. You can simply fix them over side tables, couches, mantles, and on bookcases as well to help make the space brighter.

Use dark colors for accents only

While color is an ideal tool for designing, a lot of dark hues can make the room feel a little closed in. If your room doesn’t get much light, then it’s advisable that you limit the saturated colors or accents to one wall and paint the others with any light and bright color you like.

Paint all the woodwork

While some people are quite against painting the woodwork, the truth is that to lighten up a dark room, painting the woodwork is another helpful tip. For instance, if you have ceiling beams or an oak staircase, then it’s better to coat them with white paint. As a result, the room will be instantly modernized, freshened, and lightened up. However, keep in mind that you can’t go to the woodwork’s original natural color once it’s been painted, so you need to be really sure about this decision.

Make use of natural light


Lighten up your window treatments so that you can take maximum advantage of the natural light coming into the room. Stay away from such window treatments that can block natural light such as heavy draperies. Instead, an opaque treatment is much better since it provides privacy while also ensuring that the room gets enough light.

Slim line the furniture

3D render of a modern room interior with blank picture frame

If your room is overstuffed with furniture, particularly with heavily carved furniture, then it’ll pull down the room, thus leaving it to appear much heavier and darker. Choose streamlined and lighter pieces of furniture that only have little frills. However, if you do love carved or heavy furniture, then try to choose just a few pieces and for the remaining furniture, select lighter pieces.

Choose the correct lampshades

Lampshades are a great addition to a room because they not only improve the decoration aspect of a space, they also diffuse light. But if you have a dark room then you need to choose the lampshade carefully. You need to avoid opaque shades even if they are light in color. Plus, make sure you use a light material like linen which will allow a sufficient amount of light to pass through.

Lighten up dark floors

Don’t undermine the importance of the floor in lighting up a room. Going for lighter color will help make the room brighter. But if it’s impossible to replace or repaint a room’s dark floor, then you can cover it up with a light-colored rug and enjoy instant lightness.

Give these steps a try and see which ones worked out the best for you to brighten a dark room in your house.


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7 Essential Ways to Help Choose the Best Bed Sheets

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Since bed sheets come directly in contact with our skin, they’re as important as the quality of the mattress and the coziness of the blanket in ensuring we have a good night’s sleep. However, the wide variety of sheets available on the market can make it difficult to pick out the best bed sheets. But don’t fret. The 7 essential tips below can help you choose the right sheet for your bed.

Thread count

While many people know about thread count and decide to go for higher numbers, the truth is that thread count is used only as a measure of the durability and smoothness of the sheet. You should know that the number of threads that have been woven into one square inch isn’t the real deciding factor when it comes to selecting the best bed sheet. Instead, the deciding factor happens to be the material used.


The kind of material you should go for all comes down to personal preference. The most common fabric for bed sheets is cotton because of its breathability, comfort, and durability. Since cotton traps heat and lets the cool air pass, it is ideal for all climates.

Bed sheets made of other materials such as poly-blend sheets and linen are also available. Poly-blend sheets are resistant to wrinkles and are comfortable as well. Meanwhile, linen sheets are the most suitable for hot climates, even though they can be a bit expensive.

Sateen vs. percale

If you ask whether sateen is a much better option or sateen, then the answer is that neither of the two; it all comes down to taste. Percale is basically a plain, matte weave with a crisp and cool feel, thus making it the best choice for people that feel a little overheated while they sleep.

On the other hand, sateen is exceptionally soft and a little heavy as well. However, it does have a smooth and lustrous finish that resembles satin quite a lot. If you’re not entirely sure about the material you prefer the most, then look for fabric swatches that might be available on display for a touch test.

Which weave is better?

The way in which the sheets are woven determines the feel of the sheets. For example, percale is lightweight and is tightly woven; thus it results in crisp and cool bedding. Meanwhile, microfiber has an extremely tight, dense weave which is why it is resistant to water, extra soft, and wrinkle resistant. Other waves also include flannel that has a nappy texture, most suitable for cool climates.


Bed sheets play a significant role in the overall design of the bedroom. You can get a small, medium, and a large-sized mixture of patterns of colors belonging to the same family. Then, you can experiment with the prints to figure out which one complements your bedroom the most.


The number of sheet sets that you need is all up to you and how often you prefer to change the said sheets. But you must remember that sheets that appear to be summery can be used throughout the year. You only need to add a blanket, coverlet, and a throw; this will result in a warm and cozy bed for fall and winter.


It’s essential that you buy the right sized sheets because wrestling a small sheet on a mattress is almost impossible. If you have a standard-sized bed like a king, queen, or twin, then try purchasing bed sheets with features such as reliable elastic edging so that you can enjoy a smooth and snug fit.

Also, keep in mind pillowcases as well. If you use under-scaled or over-scaled pillows such as king pillows with a double bed, then it’s better to purchase pillowcases, flat sheets, and fitted sheets separately instead of purchasing the same-size set.

All in all, while knowing about the ways to select the best sheet does help, it does come down to your personal taste and the level of comfort you require. Also, it’s better to look at your options from a bed sheet manufacturing company you can trust.



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Fresh and Appealing – Bring a Bohemian Chic To your Bedroom

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While one exceptional duvet cover is enough to change the entire look of your bedroom, having different duvet covers on hand takes it to another level. With this Vaulia Microfiber Bohemia Exotic Patterns Design Duvet Cover Set, all you need to do is simply turn it over and change the look of your room whenever you please. There’s no need to take out another duvet cover from storage. Just a simple turn and a whole new look!

Vaulia is known in the industry for producing high-quality offerings to help you create a comfortable ambience in any bedroom. This Bohemia Exotic Patterns Design duvet cover set follows the same principles.

The Bohemian look is perfect for anyone who wants carefree décor in their bedroom. The pattern on this duvet cover set goes well with a natural theme. You can complement this cover with potted plants as well as wooden or wicker furniture. Try painting your walls a light grey for the cover to really stand out. Furthermore, you can also go for light blue, white, and other toned down wall colors to exude a sense of calmness.

With this Bohemian Exotic Patterns Design duvet cover you can expect:

Reversible Design

As mentioned, the reversible design allows you to change up the room’s look whenever you want. Simply turn the duvet cover over and your room will look very different. It’s like having two duvet cover sets in one.


This duvet cover set is made of 100% polyester microfiber, 85GSM lightweight fabric. This ensures high quality and the assurance that your duvet cover purchase is going to last you a long time. Furthermore, the make of this duvet cover also prevents bacteria buildup and wards off allergens.


This exceptional duvet cover features a hassle-free hidden zipper closure. This means that it’ll be easier for you to get the comforter in out of the cover.

Taking care of this cover is also easy. You can machine wash it with cold water. Just remember not to use bleach. Also, don’t dry clean this duvet cover. As it’s recommended that you should wash duvet covers after 3 months (at the minimum), the entire cleaning process is made hassle-free due to how convenient the make of this cover is.

So, if you’ve been meaning to give your bedroom or even the guest bedroom a new look, why not opt for the Bohemian chic with this duvet cover set? It’s also great for teenagers who have a creative mind and appreciate being close to nature when it comes to décor. Also, the fact that you can turn it over to change the pattern gives you an extra option when deciding on a room’s look.



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Golden Tips to Properly Wash a Blanket

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Since winter is here, you’ll find everyone lugging a throw blanket or a comforter with them all around the house. Blankets happen to be the most important winter essential, and if appropriately kept, especially when it comes to washing them, can last for a good period.

So, do take note that blankets, just like any other clothing and bedding items require proper cleaning regularly. You should wash your blankets and comforters that you use the most at least once a month to prevent dust buildup as this can affect the blanket’s life.

Washing blankets is an easy job; you can either wash your blanket using a washing machine or can wash it by hand. Although most blankets can be machine washed, as long as you’re using the right settings; however, if you’re unsure and don’t want to risk damaging your blanket then it’s better to wash it by hand.

If you’re someone who has no idea how to wash a blanket correctly then follow the following tips to help you out!

How to properly wash a blanket!

By Hand:

If you’re scared that the washing machine might damage your blankets, then it’s better to wash it with your hands. Firstly fill up a tub with some cold water and add detergent. Make sure that the tub you’re using is large enough for your blanket. Also, ensure that you don’t fill your tub too much or else it might overflow once you put the blanket in.

Once you’ve added the detergent, let your blanket spread through the water and swish it around. Softly knead the blanket and drag it back and forth. It would better to take one section and clean it first before moving onto another part.

Once you’ve cleaned the entire blanket, it is time to thoroughly press out the excess water. Take the blanket out of the tub and let all of the soapy water run out. You should squeeze the blanket out to get rid of excess water. Remember to press the blanket, don’t wring the water out; it’s a safer way of squeezing out the water without stretching the fabric out of shape.

The next step is to wash the blanket again, using plain water. This will ensure that all the detergent is rinsed away and no soap is left. Fill the tub and rinse off the blanket a couple of times until the water remains clean. It is always better to wash delicate fabrics by hand, such as wool, linen, silk.

By a washing machine:

The first step is to see whether or not your blanket will fit in the washing machine. Usually front-loading and top-loading washers, without agitators, are a good option for you, as they happen to be quite spacious and allow the blanket to move smoothly. But if your blanket is too big and thick then use a laundromat washing machine instead.

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