2312, 2017

Top 8 Easy Decorating Ideas For Any Small Bedroom

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Decorating a small bedroom can be challenging because you want comfort and the right look but don’t want to feel claustrophobic or cramped. However, there are some tips you can follow to get the most from a small space as far as decorating is concerned.

You can make your small bedroom lively and chic by painting the room in peaceful colors, choosing smart storage solutions and by using great lighting. Your small bedroom can make a great impact if you select the right furniture and design.

Following are some decorating ideas for small bedrooms that can turn them into restful retreats:

Use Furniture that can also Provide Storage Space

In a small bedroom, you should treat every square inch as potential storage. You can put blocks under the bed frame to boost it up so that you can store more boxes under the bed. You can buy an Ottoman with storage space so that you can store extra bedding and linen inside it.

To increase drawer space, you can use a chest as a bedside table. If you don’t want clutter in the room you should use an organizer system to organize your closet. Use a hanging bookshelf for your books and to make the bedroom look tidy and spacious.

Use Mirrors to Create Depth

Mirrors add dimension and depth to a small bedroom as they act as additional windows. By hanging mirrors in the room, you can create the illusion of more free space.

Use Furniture with Rounded Edges

Furniture with rounded corners is best for a small bedroom as they help widen walkways and occupy less floor space. A rounded Ottoman and placing a half-circle nightstand beside the bed instead of the regular rectangular nightstand can provide more space in a small bedroom.

Use Soft Lights

The proper type of lights can have a big effect on a small bedroom. By using strategically placed soft lights, you can blur the lines and edges of the room making it appear larger. Use bulbs of low wattage and frosted shades to create a more peaceful and calming ambience. Muted lighting in the overhead chandelier can also give rooms a warm glow thus, making them appear spacious.

Limit Your Color Palette

Limit the color palette you choose to one or two colors to create an illusion of space. If you use matching color on furnishings, walls, and bedding the bedroom will appear bigger. This similarity in color will blur the lines between the elements of the room and create harmony among them. You can add splashes of contrasting colors in the form of bold pillow prints, duvet covers, or a wall hanging.

Use Higher Window Treatments

You can create the illusion of space in a small bedroom by hanging the curtain rod closer to the ceiling. When you hang the curtains higher, they stretch all the way to the floor making the room look bigger. You can also give a larger appearance to the window by hanging a wider rod than the window. Arrange the curtains in a way that they cover a large portion of the wall and a small portion of the window frame.

Make Optimum Use of Vertical Space

If you want to keep your bedroom organized and neat then make the most of available vertical space. Hang small baskets to keep small miscellaneous items. These baskets are an extremely attractive and versatile decoration tools. They are sure to complement a variety of furniture styles.

Make Sure the Room gets Ample Natural Light

Natural light can make the room feel airy and comfortable. Use curtains and shades on windows that allow optimal light into the room.

All these ideas can give a small bedroom more character. If you have a small bedroom, don’t be disheartened because what such a room lacks in space can be made up for in atmosphere and charm.

2212, 2017

6 Essential Steps For Choosing the Right Christmas tree

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Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s time to get all the decorations out! And what could be a better way of getting into the spirit other than decorating the Christmas tree!

Buying a Christmas tree is one of the most exciting aspects of this festive season. However, purchasing the right Christmas tree can be quite a difficult task if you don’t know what you really want. A lot of people are unable to differentiate between different Christmas trees and are unable to decide which one would be a better choice for them.

To get the best Christmas tree that would continue to look good for a long time, you need to know exactly what kind of tree you want. There are different tree species available for you to choose from according to your requirements.

If you have kids, then you might want to opt for a tree with pines and firs that are soft instead of getting the sharp spruce trees, as they have needles that can hurt you.

Things to look for when in search of the perfect Christmas tree:

  1. First thing first- measure!

There is nothing worse than finding the perfect tree and bringing it home only to find out that the tree won’t fit in your living room. Therefore measure your ceiling height before you head out and before buying the tree make sure to measure the tree’s height so that you can buy the perfect sized tree at the end.

  1. Check whether the tree is fresh or not?

You need to get a fresh tree. So, make sure to bend a needle in half to see whether or not the fir snaps. If the firs snap while the pines bend but don’t break, it means that the tree is fresh.

  1. Check the needles to make sure they’re secure

For your Christmas tree to last longer, the needles need to be secure. What you should do is gently grab and pull the inside of the branch towards yourself. If the needles stay in their place, then the tree is fine.

You can even tap the cut end of the tree and see how many needles fall off. If a few of them fall out, then it’s fine. However, if a lot of needles fall off then you might want to continue looking for another tree.

  1. A better way to test for the tree’s freshness is by checking its weight

After the tree has been cut, it can no longer produce sap and continues to use the already-present sap until little is left. To see if the tree is still producing sap is by checking if any part of the tree is sticky. Try giving your tree a big ole’ hug if you end up being sticky then the tree is fresh for sure.

  1. Getting the perfect shaped tree

Who doesn’t want a perfectly shaped Christmas tree? While a lot of people prefer large trees, some prefer skinny trees, and others like to choose between short and long ones. However, the perfect cone-shaped tree is something everyone wants for their living rooms and this something every tree seller knows. This is why you’re bound to find perfectly shaped, fuller Christmas trees for quite a price. Therefore, before buying your tree make sure you know the cost and are ready to bargain.

  1. Make sure to freshen the trunk

Once you’ve brought your tree home, cut off the bottom of the tree trunk at least about half an inch. You can get someone from the tree retailers to help you out with that as well. Place the tree in water as soon as you cut the trunk as such a fresh cut will allow your tree to absorb more water in so that it can maintain its color, needles, and look fresh.

Feel free to follow these tips. Hope you have fun finding the right Christmas tree this season!

211, 2017

Everything You Should Consider Before Buying Blackout Curtains

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In case you are thinking of investing in a pair of blackout curtains for blocking light and insulation purposes, it would be wise first to consider a few things before making your purchase. The choice of the perfect blackout curtains and possibly linings depends on various factors such as fabric, maintenance, style, user, and of course your budget. Here is how to evaluate each so you make the best possible purchase.

Quality of fabric

Blackout curtains usually require some solid and heavy duty fabric that doesn’t let light rays penetrate through. If you choose for example drapes that are made with lighter or semi-transparent fabrics, they may offer some light blocking protection but as high enough as more quality and thick materials. Polyester fabrics are usually the typical choice for blackout protection but you can find a few other mixes as well. In general, the thicker or more dense the fabric, the more light protection it offers.


Color is another factor you want to consider so you can match your room’s colors and styles. Even though in blackout curtains the usual colors are dark and solid e.g gray, navy blue, black, graphite, etc, more modern versions also come in extra brighter colors and multiple beautiful patterns. Some blackout curtains are also white but these often come with a blackout lining for added protection. So if you are considering a more colorful option, consider buying a lining with it as alone you may not get 100% light blocking protection.


Depending on your budget, you can also total quote for translation of 7-8K words…in a blackout curtain set that suits you. In most cases and based on the quality of fabric and manufacturing processes a pair of full door curtains (1.80 cm or above) costs anywhere from $30-$100. If you are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality, look for middle range prices as too low prices imply that the fabric and durability of the curtains is not that good. It’s also best to buy from reputable sellers and not from cheap local factories with low quality standards.


Not all blackout curtains are created equal. The fabric they are made off determines a great deal their care and maintenance methods. For example, some are made from 100% polyester, some from linen and some from a cotton/polyester mix. In most cases e.g polyester and cotton mixes, a simple machine wash in cold water temperatures will do, but some denser fabrics and linings may require spray or dry cleaning instead. Look for the product’s care and cleaning symbols and instructions prior you buy one.

Is it possible to turn existing curtains into blackout ones?
Yes, if you don’t want to throw away your existing curtains to buy blackout ones, you can do so by installing blackout curtain linings. You can either hang them separately first and then hang your ordinary curtains in the front, or attach them onto your existing curtain rod. The most usual color of blackout linings is white for giving the impression from outside of a wall/unified appearance which is needed in some professional spaces like offices and hospitals.

Are all blackout curtains installed the same way as ordinary curtains?

Typically YES, blackout curtains are set-up the same manner as regular curtains or drapes. For getting the measurements right, you’ll need first to measure 2-3 inches above window or door frames as this is where they’ll start to hang. If you use wraparound rods, you can enhance their light blocking protection and ensure that 80-90% of the light rays will be blocked.

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2509, 2017

Refresh Your Room with Vaulia Damask Floral Design Duvet Cover Set

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When you are searching for the perfect duvet cover, you want to make sure that all these aspects are met:

● Beautiful patterns that blend with the look and style of your room
● Practicality
● High quality material used
● Comfort
● Affordable Cost

In Vaulia Home, our bedding solutions and duvet covers meet all the above requirements–after all, you don’t need to waste a small fortune to get a beautiful and quality duvet cover set. As we spend much of our time sleeping, you want to make sure that you sleep with something nice and comfortable.

Designs like this one above reflect our aim to blend traditional elegant aspects with a more modern American touch. Our team of artsy designers really comes up with great ideas that blend these two and our goal is to offer something that is both pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Therefore, no need to worry about choosing one thing over the other.

So, if you want to invest in a duvet cover set, you better invest in something that is durable and timeless without looking too traditional or out-dated. And this is what we have come up with…

Fashion styles come and go but some floral designs will simply never get out of style. If you want to buy a premium quality duvet cover set with a beautiful and classic print that is perfect for all seasons, why don’t you get yourself a nice damask floral design duvet covet set like this one?

This beautiful damask design consists of white geometric floral patterns in a baby blue background color, blending harmoniously with the beautiful off white shade of the floral designs. No need to worry about purchasing a pattern that you can show and use for only one season. This beautiful yet soft-colored pattern will look appropriate from winter to summer season and in-between. And it suits all ages too.

So if you want to a touch of serenity and revive the relaxing atmosphere of the room, this damask floral design will be a great addition.

2409, 2017

Blackout Blinds Vs Blackout Curtains: Where Do They Differ?

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If you have a room or space where you want some extra shading and privacy from outside looks, blackout curtains or blackout blinds are your two main options. However, even though they both offer light blocking protection, they bear some differences in terms of composition, maintenance, and even price. In the present article, we are going to discuss their main differences if you are a new buyer so you find what you are looking for depending on your needs.

Light blocking protection.

Some spaces require more light blocking protection while others only need some level of shading. If you have a room where you want the option to reduce lighting and not completely block it or wish to control the amount of light that comes in, blackout blinds are ideal. On the contrary, if you want some heavier protection from light rays, blackout curtains are best. It’s simply a matter of how much light you want to allow in a room or not.

Style and look

Perhaps one of the most prominent differences of blackout blinds vs curtains is their look.Curtains specifically look more elegant and luxurious whereas blackout blinds look more simple and practical, especially in office spaces. For this reason, blackout curtains are ideal for home or hospitality spaces e.g restaurants and hotels whereas blackout color blinds are ideal for office or any other corporate spaces.

Care and Maintenance

Due to the fact that curtains and blinds are made of entirely different materials, they require different care and maintenance. Blackout curtains for example are made of dense fabrics like polyester or cotton mixes whereas blackout blinds are made of PVC or similar plastic material. As you can see, the proper way to clean your curtains is to machine-wash or dry clean them as they are made of fabrics. On the contrary, you can only clean your blinds from dust and bacteria by spraying and wiping their surface off. So if you don’t mind washing once or twice a month, opt for curtains or else choose blinds that require less care.


That is another factor to consider when choosing blackout curtains or blinds. Although this is a controversial subject among experts and consumers who tried them both, in most cases, blackout curtains are considered to be a tad more durable as they do not degrade and crack from the sun, heat or elements like plastic blinds. A good quality blackout curtain will last you for many years to come (even up to a decade) provided you care it and wash it right and not excessively. Blackout blinds on the other hand tend to last less, depending on their material as they are less sun and heat-resistant.


Whether you have a certain budget in mind-or even if cost is not an issue for you, curtains and blinds slightly differ in price. In general, blackout blinds are a cheaper if made of PVC or vinyl material. The price starts from as low as $8 and can go up to $50 on average per meter. However, wooden or more heavy duty materials may cost a bit more than this range. On the contrary, blackout curtains cost on average anywhere from $30-100 per meter.

Which one is better overall to buy? Essentially, both have their pros and cons and your choice depends on your individual needs. If for example, you want to block light in your home in a more elegant manner and if you don’t mind the cost or care, blackout curtains should be your choice. On the contrary, if you want a cheaper and more flexible option to control light in your small home or office space, go for blinds.

2908, 2017

Peace & Comfort: Best Colors to Paint Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom needs to exude peace and calm as it happens to be considered the most ‘personal space’ in any home. Now, you might want to paint the bedroom wall your favorite color, but it might end up being a color that takes away from a sense of peace you require.

If you’ve been wondering about what colors are suitable for bedroom walls and why then here are a few suggestions to help you decide

Plan as a whole

If your bedroom is large and also includes a bathroom as well as a dressing area, it’s recommended that you select a color that will work as a whole. The paint in the bedroom and the bathroom don’t need to match, but there should be able to complement each other to create a unified look. Selecting a neutral shade for your bedroom walls will help you give the space a pop of color through the bed linens, lamps, and other accessories that you have.

It’s all about peace

Stay away from vibrant colors when it comes to painting bedrooms. Vibrant colors are able to stimulate senses without your realization. If you enter your bedroom to sleep but start feeling awake, it might be due to the sharp color scheme.

Also, don’t forget the kid’s bedroom. Parents might be tempted to add bright colors to their kid’s room but doing so can overstimulate a child’s senses too. Go for muted alternatives of the colors you want your kid’s bedroom to be.

Best Colors for Bedroom Walls


Green happens to be one of the best colors to paint bedroom walls. Green is all about peace and will help bring such a feeling into your bedroom as well. It’s also associated with coolness and warmth. Furthermore, there’s a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. It’ll also help your bedroom look modern without being too heavy on the eyes. Such a color looks amazing if you have bare wooden furniture.


If you’re partial to red, you’ll need to be a bit careful with the shade you use. Red is all about stimulation, and it can end up being too overwhelming if not done right. Go for a more muted tint. You can also only paint one of the walls if you prefer.

Red is also associated with love and passion which can be a good thing for some in the bedroom. However, just make sure you don’t select bare wooden pieces as that’ll clash with the red. A red-orange combination can work well for offering a subtle relaxing atmosphere


Similar to red, yellow is another good color for bedroom walls if done right. Go for softer shades as they’ll help exude a feeling of relaxation on your senses the moment you enter the room. Muted yellow is said to help give any room a calming effect. It also helps to make a room feel bigger, which is important, so you don’t feel closed-in while trying to sleep.


The color blue is the traditional route you can’t go wrong with. Blue can work both ways. You can go for softer shades for a sense of calmness or even darker shades for a more warming feel. Deeper shades of blue are perfect for offering a backdrop that’s suitable for classic furniture, artwork, and even antiques.

According to a survey by Travelodge, blue was revealed to play a role in helping people get the best night’s sleep. People who slept in blue painted bedrooms reported sleeping an average of around eight hours.

So, if you’re deciding on the color to paint your bedroom walls, you should ensure going for softer or muted shades to help the said space feel relaxing.

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