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Exceptional Style & Design – Vaulia Marble Inspired Design Duvet Cover Set

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In our continued mission to offer the best in bedroom interiors, we bring to you our high-quality white marble pattern Vaulia Microfiber Duvet Cover Set. You can tell just by looking at it that this is a duvet cover that was created to make a statement, and it does just that as soon as you put it on your bed.

While such a design might not be the first option for many, the unique look is exactly what sets it apart from the rest. The design is definitely something not many have seen before, and we take in pride in that, being able to always offer you something new and exciting.

This white marble-inspired pattern clearly favors the bold, letting everyone know you aren’t hesitant to take a chance on customizing the ambiance of your bedroom the way you prefer. Why go for safe when you can express yourself in the most elegant of manners!

The featured exceptional white marble print is all about keeping it simple while exuding a continuous appeal that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye. Whether you decide to use it for your own bedroom, your kids’ or even in the guest room, this pattern has the power to change the entire look of the surrounding space for the better.

What’s great is that along with being fashion-forward this Duvet cover from Vaulia is comfortable and easy to maintain. It is an efficient package that combines style and convenience.

You can go ahead and select from King or Queen sizes to give your bed a duvet cover that’s sure to create a look you will enjoy for years to come. Upon ordering, you will get a duvet cover along with matching pillow shams.

  • Exceptional Style

This elegant and unique white marble print is perfect for rooms that have light colored walls, especially in the spectrum of whites or blues. This is the only thing you need to bring the classic ‘Black-and-White’ look for a bedroom together. Pair it up with a couple of black furniture pieces (a bedside table, the bed, chairs, etc.) and you’ll have a beautiful looking room in no time.

  • Extremely Comfortable

Made from 100% polyester microfiber, this 85GSM lightweight fabric duvet cover set feels amazing on the body, offering ultimate comfort. The fiber is breathable and thus, helps with keeping your body feel relaxed throughout the night.

  • Easy to Maintain

This duvet cover set features a hassle free hidden zipper closure. This allows you to easily get your comforter in and out of this durable cover. Furthermore, to keep it clean, you simply have to machine-wash it with cold water. Take note not to add bleach. Also, tumble dry at low heat and iron it out at medium to have it looking as good as new. Remember not to send it away to the dry cleaner.

If you have been looking for a duvet cover that offers a classic look but in a unique manner then this White Marble Duvet Cover Set is surely what you had been waiting for. Give it a try and allow it to change your room for the better.

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Are Plants Harmful or Helpful in the Bedroom?

By |June 4th, 2018|Comments Off on Are Plants Harmful or Helpful in the Bedroom?

Plants play a vital role in both our indoor and outdoor environment. Outdoors, plants are home to the various biodiversity present and provide shelter against the harmful rays of the sun, while indoors, they may be used for their beauty or to give your home more shaded area.

Plants are also placed in bedrooms, and this trend has been in and out over the past years. Whatever the trend, keeping plants in your bedroom is subject to the following benefits:

  1. The primary pro of keeping plants in your bedroom is due to the photosynthesis cycle. They aid us in breathing as they release oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. However, at night the cycle switches but plants such as orchids keep on releasing oxygen throughout.


  1. Keeping plants indoors, especially in dry and hot climates helps prevent illnesses. Various studies have shown that plants are known to cure sore throats, colds, and However, keep in mind that in humid weather, these plants would add to the humidity indoors which you can tackle with an air conditioner.


  1. Plants are also known to clean the air of your bedroom. To prove this point, NASA did a lot of research and found 10 plants that are known to get rid of indoor pollutants. These are:
  • Peace Lily
  • Golden Pothos
  • English Ivy
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Mother-in-law’s Tongue
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Azalea
  • Red-edge Dracaena
  • Spider Plant


  1. Various clinical studies have also proven that plants help boost healing. Thus, if you are sick, keeping plants in your bedroom or interacting with them will help you get better faster.
  2. Being around plants is also known to improve your concentration and thus, aid you in working better. Hence, keeping plants in your bedroom while working on the last task assignment will keep you relaxed and help you work efficiently.



  • Snake Plant

This low-maintenance plant is known to produce oxygen even at night, which most plants cannot do. It needs low light and to be water occasionally.

  • Philodendron

This plant absorbs formaldehyde and needs a moderate light with occasional watering.

  • English Ivy

English Ivy also absorbs formaldehyde, but it needs to be watered regularly and needs moderate light.

  • Golden Pothos

This plant needs a moderate light with occasional watering and is also known to absorb harmful pollutants.

  • Spider Plant

You need to water it regularly and keep it in moderate light and also fights various indoor pollutants.

  • Rubber Plant

Rubber plant needs to be watered regularly and kept in moderate light. It acts as an air purifier.



So, throughout this article, we look at the various benefits that plants in our bedroom have to offer us. We have also seen the popular plants that are mostly kept by people indoors in their house or bedroom.

We all know that plants have numerous advantages for us. At this point, the main question arises, are plants also harmful for us, especially if they are kept in the bedroom?

The answer to this question is no; plants are not harmful. However, one has to realize the fact that not all plants are meant to be put in your bedroom. There are specific plants which can be kept indoors and which provide you with benefits in a sealed environment. The harmful effects of keeping plants indoors are only that:

  • Not all plants exhale oxygen even at night.
  • Plants have to be cared for, or they may die.
  • Some plants may add to the humidity in a humid climate.



Even though cons exist, with proper care and maintenance we can overcome them and reap the benefits that plants offer us.

3105, 2018

5 Ways To Help You Sleep Better This Summer

By |May 31st, 2018|Comments Off on 5 Ways To Help You Sleep Better This Summer

Summer, with its hot, exhausting days sometimes disrupts our sleep cycle, and all we do is toss and turn in bed instead of being sleeping soundly. Summer is when many people get the chance to take a vacation and catch up on lost sleep. However, long daylight hours and increasing temperatures make it difficult to sleep better and longer. Here are some strategies to help you sleep better in summers.

Let the air in

We as humans generate quite a bit of body heat at night which is why it is important to have your bedroom at a cooler temperature, particularly if you’re sharing the sleeping space with someone. For hot summer nights, air conditioner for cool regulated air is ideal. However, if you don’t have an air conditioner, then fans can help you circulate that stationary hot air. Opening the windows can further help bring in the cool night air. Placing ice cubes in front of a fan is an effective remedy for circulating cool air through the room and getting a good night’s sleep when the temperatures are high.

Opt for breathable materials

While you dress up for bed during a summer heat wave, you need to remember that less is more. Therefore, it is better to avoid pajamas that are made of fabrics such as silk since it can trap the heat. Instead, go for wicking materials for your pajamas. The same is the case for your sheets; you need to choose the right fabric to beat the heat. Go for natural materials such as linen, bamboo, and cotton. Also, remember that you need to have a low thread count as high through count only traps body heat. Ideally, a thread count of between 200 and 400 can provide an excellent balance between breathability and softness.

Take a shower before you go to bed

Taking a short and quick rinse right before you go to bed can create the same effect that the body’s natural cooling mechanism; sweat, does. In fact, even once you towel off, the skin stays moist. Plus, the evaporation creates a cooling effect which sets up the mood for sleep. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a cold shower. For some people, a hot bath or a quick hot shower works wonders too. The only condition is that you should take a shower approximately an hour before you go to bed so that your body temperature has enough time to cool off. If you’re taking a hot shower, then be careful that you don’t steam up the washroom as it will only worsen the humidity and heat.

Time for a blackout

Depending on the city you live in, the sun can often be up way past bedtime, or it can also rise up even before your alarm rings. In such cases, it is better to black out windows and create darkness. Darkness stimulates the secretion of hormones such as melatonin that helps to promote restful sleep. Thus, putting blackout curtains over the bedroom investment is a fantastic investment. Alternatively, you can go for black shades too, and if money is a problem, then you can simply use thick blankets to cover up the windows.

Don’t go partying till late too much

Summer brings with it vacations, concerts, block parties, barbecues, and other fun activities that throw your routine completely off track and keep you up way past your bedtime. Of course, staying up late once in a while is okay, but continuing with the same routine every day can be disastrous for your sleeping habits. Stick to consistent bedtimes, don’t drink excessively and give yourself time to relax after coming home from a party.

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[video]How to put on a duvet cover like a Pro!

By |May 14th, 2018|Comments Off on [video]How to put on a duvet cover like a Pro!

The Traditional Way
Step1.Spread out the duvet cover
Step2.Turn the duvet cover inside out
Step3.Grab the corners of the comforter
Step4.Shake the duvet cover onto the comforter
Step5.Set the duvet cover down, put it on your bed

The Rolling Way
Step1.Turn the duvet cover inside out Turn the duvet cover inside out.
Step2.place the duvet on top of the duvet cover
Step3.Rolling it up like a burrito.
Step4.Flip the cover over the end
Step5.Zip up the duvet cover
Step6.Unroll the duvet and duvet cover.
Step7.Give it a shake and a fluff

2004, 2018

4 Important Ideas For A Teen Boy Room

By |April 20th, 2018|Comments Off on 4 Important Ideas For A Teen Boy Room

For a teen boy, his room serves as his private space, like a refuge, where he can relax, spend time studying, and hang out with friends, etc. It’s his sanctuary where he can go when he wants to be alone or when he is working out a problem. Furthermore, it’s the only place in the house where he feels free to add his unique touch to the interior décor. And since he is going to be spending a lot of time in this room, the decor should be multifunctional and flexible.

It’s not easy for every parent to come up with good ideas to decorate their teenage boys’ room. Although there are no rules for such an endeavor, there are some things that should be kept in mind.

You should select the colors for the décor carefully. It’s better to go with light colors to give the room a spacious look. You should find furniture that’s multifunctional to save space. You should come up with space-saving storage solutions, and most importantly you should keep in mind the personal interests and preferences of your boy such as his hobbies and sports.

It’s also essential that you give your teenage boy some creative freedom so that he can freely express himself. Doing so will not only give him confidence but will also make him feel responsible for their room because adding his own touch will make the room feel and look like a space he owns.

You should also take practical considerations such as study space, cost of redecorating when your boy reaches his late teens, storage space and so on.

Following are some cool bedroom ideas for teenage boys that are sure to inspire you:

Let the room reflect your boy’s personality

Make sure that you take your boy’s likes and dislikes into account when choosing a color for the room. Let him put up posters of his favorite music bands, show off his collection of model cars, action figures, or better yet let him paint the walls himself. This will help him establish his separate identity.

It should be practical

The room should have ample storage space so that there’s no clutter lying around. As your son will be doing his studying for exams in this room, it’s important to have a big desk area and a comfortable chair. Fix some shelves above the desk area so that he can easily store his books. Use platform beds or hanging beds if you are short on space.

Keep in mind that tastes change

As your boy gets, older his tastes will change. The things he liked when he was thirteen will become frivolous when he turns sixteen. Therefore, choose a wall color and accessories that will work for boys of all ages rather than there being a need to redecorate every couple of years.

Find out which color-theme works best for everyone

You can paint the walls in nice pale coastal colors to make it look more spacious. Add a mirror to the wall and choose light color bed linens to make the room look big. Orange color can give a feeling of energy. Paint one wall orange and go with a monochrome scheme for the rest of the walls for a stylish look. Everybody wants to paint their boys’ room blue, but green can also be a great alternative when combined with dark tones. However, do ask your boy for his color preference before starting to paint his room.

Coming up with an idea for your teenage boy’s room that will please your boy is no easy feat. You can try a modern look with simple signs or catch phrases in neon colors on the walls will make the room bright and give it a teen look. Another great idea is to display his sports trophies, sports balls, and musical instruments on shelves so that the room reflects his personality. Or you can simply choose a bedspread that has an impact on the whole room.

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Easy-to-do decoration ideas for any baby room

By |April 9th, 2018|Comments Off on Easy-to-do decoration ideas for any baby room

A baby’s room is home to many firsts, heartfelt joy and a lot of tears. It will hold memories of countless sleepless nights and messes that you’ll cherish for many years to come. Due to you spend a lot of time with your baby in the nursery, it’s important to decorate it not only as a welcoming haven for the baby but also as a relaxing retreat for you.Before your little one arrives, there are many decisions to make to get the room ready.Following are some points that will inspire you to create a perfect place for your little angel:

Choose a theme

The first thing that should be in your ‘to do list’ is selecting the theme for the nursery. You can go with a typical nautical theme for your baby boy, and a princess theme for your baby girl or you can try something different if you prefer.

You can go with a travel theme with a world map as wallpaper on one wall. On the opposite wall, you can hang pictures of famous buildings like Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal. You can get an airplane mobile for the crib to instill in your child a sense of exploration from an early age. There’s so much you can do!

Use washable wallpaper

Use washable wallpaper so that you can quickly wipe off the stains. Raising a child is messy, and that’s why you need to prepared. Washable wallpaper should be your go-to to avoid making the baby room look like a war zone.

Keep things close

This can to deal with keeping everything you need while changing a diaper within easy reach of the changing table in the baby’s room. You can’t leave your child unsupervised on the changing table because they might roll off. Therefore, it’s essential to keep wipes, the laundry hamper, diapers, waste bin, etc. within easy reach in the room. Convenience is more of a priority than such things not going along with the theme of a baby room.

Make sure to have ample functional storage space

You’ll need a lot of things for your baby. Make sure that you have lots of storage space so that you can keep the things back in their original places when you aren’t using them. Avoid clutter. You will be walking the baby back and forth at all times of the night, and if things such as toys, books, etc. are lying around on the floor you might trip over them in the dark.

So, go for portable storage spaces. You can find them easily. You can even paint some empty cardboard boxes to make get the storage you need.
such things not going along with the theme of a baby room.

Use heavy curtains or shades on the windows

The lighting in the nursery should mimic nighttime, anytime. Use heavy curtains so that the room is dark even when it’s time for the daytime nap. If you put light shades on the windows, they’ll not be able to block the sunlight. So, opt for heavier curtains.

Don’t hesitate to use antiques

If you have received an antiques from your grandmother, or if your mother has given something that you used to use or play with as a child make sure that you keep it in your baby’s room. It’ll offer the room a sense of love that’s trickled down generations. Even an old rocking horse will look awesome in a bay’s room even if your baby can’t play with it yet. You can even put up old picture frames on shelves. Perhaps try hanging knitted quilts on the walls for a unique look?

Don’t use the color white

A white chair or rug may look very stylish but will turn in to a dingy taupe color within a few months. Choose furniture that you can quickly clean, or has a darker color so that the stains don’t become too prominent.


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