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Do You Let Your Pet Sleep in Your Bed?

Do you let your pet sleep in your bed?

Pets are man’s best friend, and part of being a best friend means that some of us don’t mind them sleeping in our bed. If you have been wondering about whether or not you should let your pet sleep in your bed, here’s to hoping that this post takes care of some of your concerns.

When it comes to deciding if you should let your pet sleep in your bed it all comes down to personal preference. If you like your pet pet sleeping with you, then you won’t ask your pet to do otherwise. In the same manner, if you don’t like your pet sleeping in your bed then you won’t let it even it wants to.

But if you’re currently on the proverbial fence about the sleeping situation, here are a few points that might help sway you to take a side. It turns out that there are benefits of letting your pet sleep in your bed.

They help you relax

Being with your pet helps give rise to joy and relaxation. You love it when they’re waiting to greet you on your return from work or when you play with them. In the same manner, having your pet sleep next to you can mimic those emotions and help you relax while going to sleep by producing oxytocin.

They warm you up

A sense of Safety

If you have a pet for security reasons, the same sense of safety can follow you in bed if you let them sleep with you. Afraid that a robber might break in at night? Having a pet next to you will help you feel safe and provide you with psychological stability at night.

Now, while letting your pet sleep with you in your bed has its advantages it also comes with some cons. Let’s go over them.

Disturbed sleep

Pets can disturb your sleep. They might move around a lot or press into you. They might get up from the bed; roam around the house, and come back again, making you wake up in the process. Sleep deprivation can make you feel fatigued. If you have a pet that’s problematic, then it might be best that you don’t let it sleep with you.

Asthma and Allergies

If you have some sort of allergies or asthma, then it is recommended that you don’t allow your pet to sleep with you. While playing with your pet might not cause an allergic reaction, sleeping with it in bed (for hours) can make your condition worse.

Intimacy Issues

Letting your pet sleep with you at night can give rise to intimacy issues between you and your partner. Snuggling up with your pet instead of your partner can lead to unresolved issues. If you still wish for your pet to sleep in the same bed then make sure it doesn’t physically come between you and your partner.

Behavioral Issues

Allowing your pet to sleep in your bed can lead to behavioral issues. Your pet might end up taking more space and even showing aggressive behavior towards you if it wants you to not get in bed. Ensure that you properly train your pet before letting him or her on your bed. Teach your pet about the portion of the bed they should sleep in. Maintain dominance over your pet.


You’ll need to make sure your pet is clean before it sleeps in your pet. Don’t let it dirty your bed with mud tracks or shedding too much hair. Also, clean your bed (even getting rid of all the hair will do) every after every two weeks for hygienic purposes.

So, there you have it. You’ll need to decide if you want to let your pet sleep in your bed after considering all the factors mentioned above.



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