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Easy-to-do decoration ideas for any baby room

A baby’s room is home to many firsts, heartfelt joy and a lot of tears. It will hold memories of countless sleepless nights and messes that you’ll cherish for many years to come. Due to you spend a lot of time with your baby in the nursery, it’s important to decorate it not only as a welcoming haven for the baby but also as a relaxing retreat for you.Before your little one arrives, there are many decisions to make to get the room ready.Following are some points that will inspire you to create a perfect place for your little angel:

Choose a theme

The first thing that should be in your ‘to do list’ is selecting the theme for the nursery. You can go with a typical nautical theme for your baby boy, and a princess theme for your baby girl or you can try something different if you prefer.

You can go with a travel theme with a world map as wallpaper on one wall. On the opposite wall, you can hang pictures of famous buildings like Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal. You can get an airplane mobile for the crib to instill in your child a sense of exploration from an early age. There’s so much you can do!

Use washable wallpaper

Use washable wallpaper so that you can quickly wipe off the stains. Raising a child is messy, and that’s why you need to prepared. Washable wallpaper should be your go-to to avoid making the baby room look like a war zone.

Keep things close

This can to deal with keeping everything you need while changing a diaper within easy reach of the changing table in the baby’s room. You can’t leave your child unsupervised on the changing table because they might roll off. Therefore, it’s essential to keep wipes, the laundry hamper, diapers, waste bin, etc. within easy reach in the room. Convenience is more of a priority than such things not going along with the theme of a baby room.

Make sure to have ample functional storage space

You’ll need a lot of things for your baby. Make sure that you have lots of storage space so that you can keep the things back in their original places when you aren’t using them. Avoid clutter. You will be walking the baby back and forth at all times of the night, and if things such as toys, books, etc. are lying around on the floor you might trip over them in the dark.

So, go for portable storage spaces. You can find them easily. You can even paint some empty cardboard boxes to make get the storage you need.
such things not going along with the theme of a baby room.

Use heavy curtains or shades on the windows

The lighting in the nursery should mimic nighttime, anytime. Use heavy curtains so that the room is dark even when it’s time for the daytime nap. If you put light shades on the windows, they’ll not be able to block the sunlight. So, opt for heavier curtains.

Don’t hesitate to use antiques

If you have received an antiques from your grandmother, or if your mother has given something that you used to use or play with as a child make sure that you keep it in your baby’s room. It’ll offer the room a sense of love that’s trickled down generations. Even an old rocking horse will look awesome in a bay’s room even if your baby can’t play with it yet. You can even put up old picture frames on shelves. Perhaps try hanging knitted quilts on the walls for a unique look?

Don’t use the color white

A white chair or rug may look very stylish but will turn in to a dingy taupe color within a few months. Choose furniture that you can quickly clean, or has a darker color so that the stains don’t become too prominent.


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