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Everything You Should Consider Before Buying Blackout Curtains

In case you are thinking of investing in a pair of blackout curtains for blocking light and insulation purposes, it would be wise first to consider a few things before making your purchase. The choice of the perfect blackout curtains and possibly linings depends on various factors such as fabric, maintenance, style, user, and of course your budget. Here is how to evaluate each so you make the best possible purchase.

Quality of fabric

Blackout curtains usually require some solid and heavy duty fabric that doesn’t let light rays penetrate through. If you choose for example drapes that are made with lighter or semi-transparent fabrics, they may offer some light blocking protection but as high enough as more quality and thick materials. Polyester fabrics are usually the typical choice for blackout protection but you can find a few other mixes as well. In general, the thicker or more dense the fabric, the more light protection it offers.


Color is another factor you want to consider so you can match your room’s colors and styles. Even though in blackout curtains the usual colors are dark and solid e.g gray, navy blue, black, graphite, etc, more modern versions also come in extra brighter colors and multiple beautiful patterns. Some blackout curtains are also white but these often come with a blackout lining for added protection. So if you are considering a more colorful option, consider buying a lining with it as alone you may not get 100% light blocking protection.


Depending on your budget, you can also total quote for translation of 7-8K words…in a blackout curtain set that suits you. In most cases and based on the quality of fabric and manufacturing processes a pair of full door curtains (1.80 cm or above) costs anywhere from $30-$100. If you are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality, look for middle range prices as too low prices imply that the fabric and durability of the curtains is not that good. It’s also best to buy from reputable sellers and not from cheap local factories with low quality standards.


Not all blackout curtains are created equal. The fabric they are made off determines a great deal their care and maintenance methods. For example, some are made from 100% polyester, some from linen and some from a cotton/polyester mix. In most cases e.g polyester and cotton mixes, a simple machine wash in cold water temperatures will do, but some denser fabrics and linings may require spray or dry cleaning instead. Look for the product’s care and cleaning symbols and instructions prior you buy one.

Is it possible to turn existing curtains into blackout ones?
Yes, if you don’t want to throw away your existing curtains to buy blackout ones, you can do so by installing blackout curtain linings. You can either hang them separately first and then hang your ordinary curtains in the front, or attach them onto your existing curtain rod. The most usual color of blackout linings is white for giving the impression from outside of a wall/unified appearance which is needed in some professional spaces like offices and hospitals.

Are all blackout curtains installed the same way as ordinary curtains?

Typically YES, blackout curtains are set-up the same manner as regular curtains or drapes. For getting the measurements right, you’ll need first to measure 2-3 inches above window or door frames as this is where they’ll start to hang. If you use wraparound rods, you can enhance their light blocking protection and ensure that 80-90% of the light rays will be blocked.

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