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4 Amazing Decor ideas for a girl’s bedding

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A girl’s bedroom should be as girly, colorful, and eye-catching as possible to stand out from the rest of your rooms and match to the character and style of your little princess. Since there are literally thousands of designs and styles for bedding available, here are few bedding decor ideas and tips that will instantly brighten up a girl’s bedroom:

choose pink-colored patterns

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The safest and most popular option is to choose pink-colored patterns. However, if you want to add an extra colorful yet creative note to your girl’s bed, look for patterns that combine one or more of these pastel colors like lavender, teal, baby blue, and mint green. The younger your girl, the softer the colors–on the other hand, if you girl is already more than 5 years old, it’s best to go for more vivid colors and patterns that match the playful and bubbly personality of your girl.

Use stamp her initials or letters

Another, more unique way for  a girl’s bedding decoration is to use stamp her initials or letters in her pillows and duvet cover or sheets. You can either go DIY with this or forward the bedding to a seller who makes personalized prints and designs. The first option of course will cost you less but you need a bit of practice.  A very simple DIY technique to add letters to pillows or your duvet cover is this:

  • Take special iron-on letters that adhere to the fabric with an iron in a color and font of your choosing.
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut the letter.
  • Arrange the letters to the exact position you want to place them, horizontally, vertically, on the sides, or a random spot/corner. If you are going to arrange them horizontally, a ruler would be helpful to make sure they are straight and even.
  • Press a bit with your hand and then take your iron and iron over the letters back and forth for at least 10 seconds. Repeat the process  with the iron on each letter separately to make sure the are adhered well and they don’t stick out. In most cases,  2-3 passes of iron should do the trick.

That’s it, you have now a beautiful personalised letter pattern without having to sew each letter for hours.

Buy a quality duvet cover set in a beautiful girly pattern



Invest in a quality, duvet cover set in a colorful girly pattern. If you don’t have the time or skills to go DIY, the best thing to do is to buy a quality duvet cover set in a beautiful girly pattern. Check out our collection of beautiful floral patterns and colorful clouds for this purpose. The good thing about duvet covers is that they can effortlessly change the style of your bedding and can simply be unzipped and change if you want to swap styles without having to change your entire bedding.

If your little girl likes to play with her toys all the time and seems fascinated about certain heroes and characters, look for a bedding set with a cartoon design or character of her choice,as long as she has the final word, the transition will be totally successful.

Match the bedding style with the overall decor

It may be obvious to some, but try to match the bedding style with the overall decor of the girl’s room or vice versa. You certainly don’t want to use styles and patterns that clash with each other or the result will look tacky and just too much.

Changing the decor of your girl’s bedding shouldn’t be tough–as long as you think “girly” and use your imagination as well as the wants of your little girl, the result will be great.

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