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Fresh and Appealing – Bring a Bohemian Chic To your Bedroom

While one exceptional duvet cover is enough to change the entire look of your bedroom, having different duvet covers on hand takes it to another level. With this Vaulia Microfiber Bohemia Exotic Patterns Design Duvet Cover Set, all you need to do is simply turn it over and change the look of your room whenever you please. There’s no need to take out another duvet cover from storage. Just a simple turn and a whole new look!

Vaulia is known in the industry for producing high-quality offerings to help you create a comfortable ambience in any bedroom. This Bohemia Exotic Patterns Design duvet cover set follows the same principles.

The Bohemian look is perfect for anyone who wants carefree décor in their bedroom. The pattern on this duvet cover set goes well with a natural theme. You can complement this cover with potted plants as well as wooden or wicker furniture. Try painting your walls a light grey for the cover to really stand out. Furthermore, you can also go for light blue, white, and other toned down wall colors to exude a sense of calmness.

With this Bohemian Exotic Patterns Design duvet cover you can expect:

Reversible Design

As mentioned, the reversible design allows you to change up the room’s look whenever you want. Simply turn the duvet cover over and your room will look very different. It’s like having two duvet cover sets in one.


This duvet cover set is made of 100% polyester microfiber, 85GSM lightweight fabric. This ensures high quality and the assurance that your duvet cover purchase is going to last you a long time. Furthermore, the make of this duvet cover also prevents bacteria buildup and wards off allergens.


This exceptional duvet cover features a hassle-free hidden zipper closure. This means that it’ll be easier for you to get the comforter in out of the cover.

Taking care of this cover is also easy. You can machine wash it with cold water. Just remember not to use bleach. Also, don’t dry clean this duvet cover. As it’s recommended that you should wash duvet covers after 3 months (at the minimum), the entire cleaning process is made hassle-free due to how convenient the make of this cover is.

So, if you’ve been meaning to give your bedroom or even the guest bedroom a new look, why not opt for the Bohemian chic with this duvet cover set? It’s also great for teenagers who have a creative mind and appreciate being close to nature when it comes to décor. Also, the fact that you can turn it over to change the pattern gives you an extra option when deciding on a room’s look.



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