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Fresh and Appealing – Vaulia Bohemia Exotic Pattern Duvet Cover

When you think of the Boho or Bohemian chic, you’ll instantly think of a casual and ‘free’ look. Now, while this style might not be everyone’s first choice, that doesn’t mean it can’t provide your bedroom or guest room with a look that will certainly be appealing to all. If you’ve been looking for a duvet cover that is able to change the entire look of your room, without you having to redo everything, then the Bohemia Exotic Patterns Microfiber Duvet Cover set is for you.

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It boasts a design that can be described as an exciting blend of the quintessential Bohemian chic and a Middle Eastern influence. The pink base colors will add life to your room while the design which consists of Middle Eastern-inspired circular patterns incorporates a number of eye-catching hues including brown, pink, and magenta. This duvet cover set is perfect for a carefree yet stylish appeal.

There are numerous little designs that you’ll love. You will definitely like the floral patterns that seem to pop up from the cover due to the dark colors. Furthermore, every design has an intricacy to it that goes to show that a lot of time and care went through in the overall make of this duvet set.

Coming to its specifications, this Bohemia Exotic Patterns Microfiber duvet cover is made of 100% polyester microfiber. This ensures that you’re able to experience restful sleep and the fabric doesn’t cause any infection. Also, this cover features durable lightweight fabric that’s one of the best ones you can ask for to adorn your mattress with.

Using this duvet cover is easy too. This set features a hidden zipper closure. This means that you can easily get your comforter in out of the cover in a few seconds. Also, take note that the Queen and King size set comes with a single duvet cover along with two matching pillow shams to complete the look you’re going for.

If you’ve been meaning to invest in a duvet cover that all about giving off a look that is carefree yet stylish, then this set is for you. It is also easy to clean. All you need to do is machine wash it with cold water. There’s no need for you to use bleach. The fabric allows this cover set to be cleaned thoroughly without you needed to resort to bleach. Also, it is recommended that you tumble dry it. There’s no need for you to dry clean it. Also, iron it at medium heat if you want to.

If you’re someone who wants to give their room a new look, you can do so without repainting the walls or buying new furniture. With an appealing duvet cover set, like the Bohemian Exotic Patterns Microfiber Duvet cover, you can brighten up any room and that too in a few minutes. Either use it for your own bedroom, the bed for a child who loves intricate designs, or lay it out in a guest room to make them enjoy it.

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