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Top 8 Easy Decorating Ideas For Any Small Bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom can be challenging because you want comfort and the right look but don’t want to feel claustrophobic or cramped. However, there are some tips you can follow to get the most from a small space as far as decorating is concerned.

You can make your small bedroom lively and chic by painting the room in peaceful colors, choosing smart storage solutions and by using great lighting. Your small bedroom can make a great impact if you select the right furniture and design.

Following are some decorating ideas for small bedrooms that can turn them into restful retreats:

Use Furniture that can also Provide Storage Space

In a small bedroom, you should treat every square inch as potential storage. You can put blocks under the bed frame to boost it up so that you can store more boxes under the bed. You can buy an Ottoman with storage space so that you can store extra bedding and linen inside it.

To increase drawer space, you can use a chest as a bedside table. If you don’t want clutter in the room you should use an organizer system to organize your closet. Use a hanging bookshelf for your books and to make the bedroom look tidy and spacious.

Use Mirrors to Create Depth

Mirrors add dimension and depth to a small bedroom as they act as additional windows. By hanging mirrors in the room, you can create the illusion of more free space.

Use Furniture with Rounded Edges

Furniture with rounded corners is best for a small bedroom as they help widen walkways and occupy less floor space. A rounded Ottoman and placing a half-circle nightstand beside the bed instead of the regular rectangular nightstand can provide more space in a small bedroom.

Use Soft Lights

The proper type of lights can have a big effect on a small bedroom. By using strategically placed soft lights, you can blur the lines and edges of the room making it appear larger. Use bulbs of low wattage and frosted shades to create a more peaceful and calming ambience. Muted lighting in the overhead chandelier can also give rooms a warm glow thus, making them appear spacious.

Limit Your Color Palette

Limit the color palette you choose to one or two colors to create an illusion of space. If you use matching color on furnishings, walls, and bedding the bedroom will appear bigger. This similarity in color will blur the lines between the elements of the room and create harmony among them. You can add splashes of contrasting colors in the form of bold pillow prints, duvet covers, or a wall hanging.

Use Higher Window Treatments

You can create the illusion of space in a small bedroom by hanging the curtain rod closer to the ceiling. When you hang the curtains higher, they stretch all the way to the floor making the room look bigger. You can also give a larger appearance to the window by hanging a wider rod than the window. Arrange the curtains in a way that they cover a large portion of the wall and a small portion of the window frame.

Make Optimum Use of Vertical Space

If you want to keep your bedroom organized and neat then make the most of available vertical space. Hang small baskets to keep small miscellaneous items. These baskets are an extremely attractive and versatile decoration tools. They are sure to complement a variety of furniture styles.

Make Sure the Room gets Ample Natural Light

Natural light can make the room feel airy and comfortable. Use curtains and shades on windows that allow optimal light into the room.

All these ideas can give a small bedroom more character. If you have a small bedroom, don’t be disheartened because what such a room lacks in space can be made up for in atmosphere and charm.

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