Want to earn rewards just for giving your personal opinion on all of the latest home decor such as bedding sets and sheet sets?  Now you can with Vaulia Home Collection’s new product review  program! 
Here at Vaulia Home Collection we strive to provide nothing but the best products, which is why we place tremendous value on the honest feedback we receive from our loyal customers. Below is a little information about the program you should know.

How Do I Join? (please click here to fill out the application )
Joining Vaulia product review program is really simple! It is 100% free and just takes a few short minutes to fill out and submit the application. We will then send you a confirmation if you have been selected to join our exclusive product review program. Due to high demand, please be aware that it could take a few days to hear from us regarding the status of your application.

How Does It Work?
After you are enrolled into Vaulia’s product review program, you’ll then receive our newly released products each month. And you are then required to post your review of the products within 2-4 weeks upon receiving them. You can publish your reviews just about anywhere including on Amazon, on your own blog, on YouTube and on other social media websites. Once the review has been posted, simply send us an email that includes the link(s) to your review.

How and When Do I Get Rewards?
Your published reviews will be analyzed by our team and we will reward reviewers accordingly based on factors such as the the quality of content as well as the location and the popularity of the published review. Rewards typically are given in the form of gift cards and reviewers have the potential to win gift cards worth anything between $5 and $50!

Simple, Easy and Convenient: 3 Main Reasons Why You’d Love Vaulia Product Program
With our review program you get the flexibility of working whenever you’re free and enjoying our product range while you test them and try them for FREE. The best part is that since you can donate your spare time to this activity, you don’t lose out on anything important and instead, end up earning massive amounts of gifts and giveaways.

So why wait? Join today and start earning your rewards!