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6 Christmas Decor ideas to Refresh your bedroom


Holidays are just around the corner and you want to make sure that every room in your house is in festive spirit–and your bedroom is  no exception. While decorating everything else is relatively easy, decorating your bedroom is a bit tricky as you don’t want to exaggerate anything or make your bedroom nonfunctional with no room or space to walk in and sleep or lounge.

So if you are looking for some Christmas decorating ideas that will take minimal space but will certainly add that festive note, here they are:

1.Use some printable art designs.


In many places offline and online, you’ll find some instant printable art that you can stick alone or use with a frame to decorate your bedroom walls for the holidays, saving both space and effort to put stickers or other more fancy decorations.Plus, most designs cost less than $20 so you get a pretty good deal here and you don’t have to worry of designing or making anything yourself.

2.Place some string lights over the headboard of your bed.


Some people use string lights in their bedrooms regardless of the season, but if you think they are too much for other seasons, they are actually perfect for this festive season as they will brighten up your bed and atmosphere like no other christmas decoration.

3.Get a festive/winter style duvet cover set

Duvet covers are ideal for changing your whole bedding style and bedroom atmosphere in just a few seconds as they also come in various festive patterns and are very easy to use. Simply choose the festive design you like, place your duvet inside, and voila–instant festive style change! If you do this do your guest’s room, they will surely be impressed. Plus, you can also store your festive duvet cover set for the next year so it makes a pretty good investment.

Tip: Buy some matching pillows in the same or similar festive styles like christmas trees, reindeers, snow, or Santa Claus and decorate your bed’s corners with red or green festive socks.

4.Buy a spray snow paint and some stencils to decorate your bedroom windows.


Another great to add  a festive touch to your bedroom without taking space is to buy some stencils and a special snow paint spray. To do these, simple apply the stencils or stickers in the desired part of your window, and spray over them, let it set for a few seconds, and remove the paper to reveal the design.

5.Add a few candles


Add a few candles in your vanity table, shelves, or chest of drawers that look and smell festive. Red winter berry, cinnamon,  pumpkin, and sweet gingerbread smells are great for adding that festive aroma that makes you feel like you are next to the fireplace baking cookies.

6.Hang some pine garlands or pine branches.


If you don’t have the time or space to decorate a christmas tree in your bedroom, a good alternative is to use some pine garlands or pine branches, alone or lightly decorated with festive ornaments to add more colors and sparkle. You can hand them over your walls and secure them over 3-5 nails depending on the length–alternatively, if you don’t want to ruin your walls, you can just place the on the corners of your bedroom furniture.

Of course, these are just some ideas on what you can do to decorate your bedroom with no fuss and limited space but if you let your own imagination run, you’ll surely find even more ideas.

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