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    News — Bedding 101

    How to Patternize Your Room And Keep it Tidy

    How to Patternize Your Room And Keep it Tidy

    Although every part of your house must be close to your heart, your room will be the space closest to you. In fact, your room is that one nook of your home which gives you a sense of privacy. You can’t afford to keep it disorderly; you have got to keep it in apple-pie order and maintain its tidiness all the while.

    5 simple tips to have an orderly room

    After spending your day at work, you can’t afford to see your room grubby. It can evoke frustration in you. So, here are five simple things you can do:

    Make your bed before lying in it and right after leaving

    Whether you come back home after a tiresome day at work or you just got done with household chores, you have your bed as your one-stop solution. Whenever you are tired, you should have a warm bed ready for you.

    Apart from that, never forget to alter the bed sheets, pillowcase, and curtains once a week.

    Keep your cupboard organized

    Clothes wandering hither and thither look obnoxious and occupy a lot of space. Put them in the closet in a well-stacked manner. You must utilize all the cabinets and compartments of your closet, keeping everything in place. Setting up your cupboard smartly is the key.

    Do laundry regularly

    When somebody enters your room, it shouldn’t look like there’s a zombie residing in there. Your room is somehow proportionate to your personality.

    Some people are so chaotic that the furniture in their room gets hidden by the dirty clothes lying around. Send a pile of clothes to the laundry every week. Or else, wash them at home.

    Put your shoes in the shoe hanger

    Except for the flip-flops that you’re wearing at home, place all your sandals, heels, boots, wedges, etc. in the shoe hanger. Never leave them lying on the floor. The polished and wiped off floor should look neat and vacant. Anything except for the doormat shouldn’t be present on it.

    Make the most of a garbage basket

    Of course, you shouldn’t avoid eating in the room, as it is your only personal space. Though, you should refrain from throwing wrappers and leftovers on the floor of your room. For instance, if you are a movie buff, and cry while watching movies, there should be no used tissue papers spilling on the ground.

    Keeping your room clean, tidy and spacious is no big deal. It’s all about developing a habit of tidiness. Once you make yourself a disciplined person, it is no longer a tough nut to crack!

    Guide to keeping your tablecloths clean

    Guide to keeping your tablecloths clean

    It is nice to have tablecloths on your kitchen tables, dining tables or elsewhere as they seem to add a nice, cultured, finished look to the room. They are also pretty nice and handy if you are having guests over. 

    But it is pretty hard to keep them clean, especially if you are eating at the same table three times a day. It might seem that tablecloths are high-maintenance, but with proper steps and caretaking methods, you can cut down a lot of work on keeping your tablecloths and linens clean.

    Steps to keep Tablecloth fresh and clean

    Following are steps you can follow to have fresh and clean linens at hand all the time!

    • Washing
    • Ironing
    • Storing

    How to wash tablecloths?

    Before washing the tablecloths, find out what material they are made of and choose the washer setting accordingly. It is better to wash your linens in a front loader and on the delicate cycle, as it will decrease the amount of strain being put on the tablecloth. And after you are done with the wash, it will be easier for you to fold them as well.

    If there are stains on the tablecloth which you want to remove with the help of a stain remover, first test a little bit of the remover on the tablecloth. This will ensure that the stain remover doesn’t fade or bleach your entire tablecloth and ruin it entirely.

    How to iron your tableclothstrong

    If you iron your tablecloth right out of the dryer while it is still damp, it will be very easy for you to iron it and it will have a nice, crisp finish by the end of it. If your tablecloth is dry, you can use plain water in a spray bottle to make them slightly damp. Make sure that the iron plate is clean so that it doesn’t leave scorch marks on your tablecloths later.

    Make sure you know what kind of fabric your tablecloth is made up of and what is the highest temperature setting it can handle before you iron it. You can test on a small portion of the tablecloth before ironing the whole tablecloth at once to find out the safe temperature setting.

    Storing an ironed tablecloth

    Once you are done with the washing, drying and ironing part, the next question that arises is where do I store the tablecloths? If you fold them and place them inside a drawer or your cupboard, there are bound to be fold lines on them the next time you use them. You will have to iron them all over again in some cases. The best way to avoid this is to fold the tablecloth in a light manner and place them in a strut or padded hanger. Store them in a clean and dry closet and away from any kind of smells that might get absorbed into your sheets later on. Keep them close to a place where they will be needed so that you won’t have to look all over the house when you need them.

    If you follow the above steps, you will never have a difficult time finding clean and fresh tablecloths at a moment's notice!

    What's the ideal number of pillows to have on your bed?

    What's the ideal number of pillows to have on your bed?

    Almost all of us sleep with a pillow or two under our heads. Pillow are said to be essential for a good night’s sleep. These soft, fluffy things feel so good to touch and to lay our head on, and a few of us even enjoy being surrounded by a pile of pillows when we sleep. However, there are a few cons of too many pillows.
    When asked that how many pillows should one actually sleep with? The answer, according to many experts, is ONE.
    It is true that just one pillow under the head is perfect for a good snooze, but it is important to find the one true pillow that is comfortable, just the right height and simply perfect!

    Why should you use just one pillow?

    Pillows play an important role in maintaining a good posture. People with back or neck pains and other health problems are usually the ones who pile up pillows under their head at night and have bad postures.
    It is important that your head, neck, and spine stay aligned and in a neutral position when you sleep. You need to find a pillow with a suitable height according to your neck and spine and doesn’t exaggerate or make you lose your spinal curvature.

    What kind of pillow for different sleepers?

    Although it is recommended to use just one pillow, not all of us sleep in the same position and require a different level of comforts. Therefore we need a pillow with a loft, a term used to describe the pillow thickness, to work along with our sleeping position.

    • Side sleepers

    People who sleep on their sides need a thicker pillow. This is because such a pillow can help the individual align their shoulders and neck and prevent any soreness.

    • Back sleepers

    Low to medium lofts are great for people who tend to sleep on their backs. These are considered as an ideal thickness to maintain the natural alignment of the spine while sleeping.

    • Stomach sleepers

    People sleeping on their stomach already have a quite straight and rested spine that is in proper alignment with the neck and head. Therefore, such people should make use of a very thin pillow or maybe even no pillow at all as a thicker pillow may cause their neck to move up and back towards the spine.


    The use of a single pillow is recommended by experts and is found to be great for a comfortable sleep and maintaining a good posture. Hence, if you are one of those who has been stocking multiple pillows under their head, it is to change!


    4 Important Ideas For A Teen Boy Room

    4 Important Ideas For A Teen Boy Room

    For a teen boy, his room serves as his private space, like a refuge, where he can relax, spend time studying, and hang out with friends, etc. It’s his sanctuary where he can go when he wants to be alone or when he is working out a problem. Furthermore, it’s the only place in the


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