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How To: 8 Ways to Get Your White Duvet Cover Clean

Maintaining a perfectly clean white duvet cover isn’t as easy as it seems. Accidental spills, pet hair and other stains and dirt can come from anywhere and anytime. Plus, you don’t want to risk harboring any nasty germs and bacteria or parasites that could put you long-term health under risk. On the opposite side of the spectrum, over-washing or not washing your white duvet cover properly can ruin the delicate fibers of the fabric and even its bright white color.

Fortunately, there are some expert washing tips and proper ways to keep your white duvet cover perfectly clean and white. Here they are:

1.Wash it separately and only with other delicate white linens and clothes.

If you wash it with linens of random colors, you will risk ruining its white color and causing friction  and pilling due to the difference in fabric textures. 

2.Avoid using strong detergents.

Strong detergents are not good for the delicate texture of your white duvet cover as it loosens the integrity of their fibers. The best alternative to avoid this is to use a mild detergent, and preferably one optimised for white linen and cool temperatures. Ecological detergents or washing balls are also fine for this purpose.

3.Always wash in cold temperatures.

As in the case of using strong detergents, washing at hot temperatures can ruin the delicate fibers of your white duvet cover. Ideally, you want to wash at temperatures below 40 degrees. Anything more than that is not indicated.

4.Avoid using any fabric softeners.

Fabric softeners used often can coat your white duvet cover with residue and loosen them, decreasing that way the life of your white duvet cover.

5.Use bleach and oxy-clean in moderation.

If your white duvet cover has dirts and stains that can’t be possibly lifted with just detergent and water, you can use sporadically bleach or oxiclean powder to clean up all the stains and keep your duvet cover squeaky clean. However, you should only do so only in case of persistent dirt and stains as too much bleach can damage the fibers of your duvet cover.

6.Use stain remover spray before washing or for a quick fix of stains.

In case of accidental spills or pet stains e.g you can use a stain removal spray to dilute the stain prior washing or even eliminate the stain completely on its own, without having to wash the entire duvet cover.

7.Invest in second duvet cover set without paying a fortune.

Having a second white duvet cover at an affordable cost, can save you time and effort as having only one requires more frequent washing. Just make sure your second duvet cover is stored  at a cool and dry place away from dust and dirt and you can swap instantly in case the first was stained

8.Use a non-harsh drying method.

Drying your duvet cover naturally is the least harsh way among others to make it dry without ruining the structure of the fibers. Line drying inside or outside home is the most preferred choice.

In any case, you have to check the original instructions in the label of your duvet cover such as washing and ironing temperatures as not all duvet covers all made of the same material and depth. If you are unsure, it’s best to refrain from using extra strong methods and use milder ones instead to wash your white duvet cover in order to avoid the risk of discoloration and tearing apart its fibers.




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