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Comforter vs Duvet: Which one is the best?

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If you are reading this, you are probably wondering if a comforter or duvet cover is better for bedding. The truth is, each has its own pros and cons and your choice depends on your own bedding needs, budget,  cleaning, and design preferences.

Here is a brief guide to the pros and cons of each.


A comforter is basically a type of quilt or in other words a fluffy blanket that is primary used to add an extra layer for more protection and warmth. It is typically made of synthetic fabric fibers which are stitched or quilted to fasten the synthetic filling inside. It is also primarily designed to lie on top of the bedding linen/sheets as a part of an overall bedding set with sheets and pillows.

Comforter pros

  • Makes layering of bedding easy as it blends with the rest of your linen like sheets and blankets.
  • Comes usually as a part of a set so no need to purchase one on its own, which can save you both money and time or ideas for decorating.
  • Can be easily removed and washed in medium temperature, 2-3 times per month just like the rest of your bedding. No dry cleaning method required.

Comforter cons

  • Doesn’t stand on its own without any linen as it’s usually sold as a part of a set.
  • Usually is available in white or other solid colors and thus it may look boring unless there is a blanket used on top.
  • Does not stay in place on its own.


Sometimes referred to as a comforter (especially in the United States) is basically a type of soft and flat bag that is usually filled with soft natural materials like feathers, wool, cotton, or synthetic counterparts. Duvet actually come from Europe (which is widely used)  and the original duvet is made of bird feathers. A duvet is also available in the market on its own. The only thing that you could possibly add is a duvet cover which is like a case that slips over the duvet and adds a decorative pattern as duvet is typically sold in white or solid colors.

Duvet pros

  • If you don’t have much time or don’t like to make your sheets and blankets one by one, this is perfect as it stands on its own along with a duvet cover and you only need to make one later instead of 2-3 layers separately.
  • Very soft and fluffy due to natural feathers, wool, and other synthetic yet quality alternatives.
  • Can be slipped onto a duvet cover (case) to add a more decorative pattern. Duvet covers are available in many different colors and patterns and it’s easy to find the one that suits your whole bedroom.
  • Very durable material and falls into place easily.

Duvet cons

  • Can be more expensive, due to the quality natural materials being used like feathers and wool(synthetic alternatives can be cheaper).
  • Duvets alone are not indicated for machine and hand washing except from dry cleaning methods. Duvet covers only can be washed in the machine.
  • Requires in most cases a duvet cover to be complete as it looks plain on its own. Duvet cover must also fit the duvet size exactly otherwise it will be useless.

All in all, if you require something affordable that is part of a bedding set and is easily washed in the machine, a comforter would be a great option. On the other hand, if you require something more durable, that’s made in minutes without having to stretch each layer separately, a duvet with a duvet cover should be your main option.

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