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Vaulia Lovely Emoji Pattern Duvet Cover: Trendy, Colorful, Fun!

Emoji art supplied by EmojiOne

The Lovely Emoji Pattern Design Duvet Cover is perfect for a growing young people as it not only gives their room a trendy look but also a sense of humor that can only be exuded through the use of certain emojis. It can be a bit difficult to find the perfect duvet cover for teens as it needs to be one that they like. With the Lovely Emoji Pattern Design Duvet Cover, you can’t go wrong.

The yellow colored emojis really pop out against a white background and help you give any room a tinge of color that goes well with light and even darker colored walls. The accompanying emoji-heavy pillow cover completes the entire look. It’s vibrant, colorful, and fun!

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All of the printed emojis are safe to look at which means that you won’t find any circular faces that depict cuts, bruises, violence or self-harm. As a parent, making sure that your children are exposed to suitable content is your responsibility, and this cover does cover the bases.

The little yellow circles resemble tiny suns that show a variety of emotions ranging from joy, looking cool, being angelic, winking, and more. The emoji art which has used on this duvet cover has been supplied by EmojiOne, and it shows more than eight different positive emotions that your children will surely relate to.

With the use of emojis being one of the fastest growing ways of communication among the electronically-inclined masses it made sense for it to drip into their lives instead of being confined to smartphones. Emoji is a quick and popular way for young people to communicate and express their feelings. Even if they might experience some sort of struggle to find the perfect words for expression the use of emojis allows them to express what they want to say without using speech.

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It’s the first step of enabling them to talk about their problems and parents can use that to their advantage. Urging your children (in a friendly manner) to share what and how they feel, even when they’re shy to use words, through emojis can help parents better understand their growing children.

While the design of the duvet cover is appealing to children, teenagers, and even young adults, the make is impressive too. The durable and lightweight fabric allows for the ultimate sleeping experience. Furthermore, it features a hidden zipper closure that enables you to get the comforter in and out of this emotion-depicting cover without hassle.

The Lovely Emoji Pattern Design Duvet Cover comes in a variety of sizes so you can get the type you want. You can add emoji-filled goodness to a twin-size bed, a full or Queen sized one, or even a King sized bed, depending on who you’re buying it for.

All yourself, or your growing children,  to express an array of vibrant, colorful, and positive emotions through the circular yellow faces printed on the Lovely Emoji Pattern Design Duvet Cover.

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