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5 Tips for getting a better night sleep at Summer

Getting a better night’s sleep at summer can be challenging as you are exposed to the heat, humidity and of course annoying insects like flies and mosquitoes. These things can ruin a good night’s sleep so if you want to make the most of it, here are some tips to make your summer sleep more comfortable:

Invest in a good quality and comfortable bedding set.

Who said you don’t need any bedding during summer to cover yourself? While a full bedding set is not necessary, you need one thin layer of bedding like for example a thin sheet to cover your body while you sleep and protect it from insects and excess humidity in the atmosphere.

However, since you will inevitably sweat, you want to invest in something that is breathable and allows fresh air to circulate to control excess temperature. Check out our breathable bedding solutions to make your sleep more comfortable.

Spray an insect repelling spray onto your sheets.

As your hands and face cannot be covered completely under sheets, you will need some level of additional protection from pesky insects. The most practical, safe and efficient way to prevent insects from coming near you is to spray your sheets and pillow cases with an insect repelling spray. It is far safer and more ecological than using tablets and liquids.A good alternative is to light a small set of citronella candles floating over a ball of water that will stay lit for all night–the water underneath will help prevent any incident of fire.

Don’t eat or drink heavily two hours or less before you go to bed.

Since our digestions slow down at night time, eating and drinking heavily will make you feel bloated and have trouble falling asleep–sometimes it may also lead to sudden wake ups during the night. If you want to eat or drink something, eat something light that contains tryptophan or relaxing agents to prepare you for sleep. Yogurt and bananas or chamomile and valerian ice teas are great for this purpose. The yogurt and bananas specifically contain tryptophan which increases the production of melatonin–a hormone release during a good night’s sleep, and iced teas contain relaxing catechins. Also make sure you avoid any coffee or other stimulant substances at least 6 hours before sleep because these may cause insomnia. Don’t forget to have a bottle of water nearby so you don’t get dehydrated.

Wear a mask to prevent any pollen allergies.

If spring and summer months are a nightmare for you because of pollen allergies, you can protect yourself by wearing a simple paper mask while sleeping so it doesn’t come into contact with your nostrils.

Unplug and turn off any devices

Unplug and turn off any devices that generate heat and radiation like your laptop, smartphone, and of course TV. These are not only extra heat sources, the radiation and brightness they emit tricks your brain to stay alert when it should be sleeping.

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