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    Want your room to look refreshed? Follow these ideas!

    Want your room to look refreshed? Follow these ideas!

    A lot of people tend to spend a huge chunk of their lives in their bedrooms; despite that, it is one of the rooms that often suffer a lot of neglect, regarding décor. Most bedrooms are usually filled with the usual central pieces of furniture that are needed, and beyond that, it’s only the linens that are changed and cleaned. Now imagine sleeping, resting and working in the same old boring place, you shouldn’t be surprised if you feel unmotivated all the time. To get your creative juices to start flowing, you need to make some changes to refresh yourself and your room. There are plenty of various ways you can refresh your bedroom cheaply; however, one of the easiest ways is by simply changing your bedding!

    Can changing your bedding help?

    It might sound a bit weird; however, it is true, your bedding tends to have quite a huge impact on not only your mood but it also contributes to the vibe your room has. The more colorful your room looks, the better your mood will be. Beddings contribute a lot to how your rooms, you can’t change you the color of your bedroom walls that frequently, however, you sure can change your beddings to give your room the splash of color it needs.

    However, to choose the perfect bedding for yourself, you need to make sure that you’re looking at all the right things. While you’re choosing one that will help you in refreshing your room, do make sure to buy one that is

    • Made using high quality material
    • Comfortable
    • Affordable
    • Practical

    Apart from the aspects as mentioned above, you need your bedding to have beautiful patterns that will blend well with your room’s theme and style, this way your room will look fresh and more inviting. Bedding with a design that is both elegant and modern is usually more pleasing to touch and see, therefore when buying a bedding set make sure that you are investing in one that is durable, timeless, doesn’t look too traditional or out-dated. And so, keeping all of this in mind, the one pattern that you should opt for when buying bedding sets is a floral pattern.

    Why floral patterns?

    Most of the fashion styles that you see come and go however floral patterns are that one design that never goes out of style. If you want to invest in a premium quality bedding set that has a beautiful print and is perfect for all seasons than you should get a floral pattern set. Floral patterns easily blend into every theme and season, you don’t need to worry about purchasing a pattern for a particular season. Most of the floral patterns are appropriate for all the seasons and every age group as well. These floral pattern bedding sets provide a touch of serenity to the room and give it a relaxing vibe, and they allow you to sleep comfortably as well.

    Other ways of refreshing your bedroom     

    Apart from having these floral pattern beddings, some other things can also help in refreshing your bedroom.

    • You can repaint your walls using vibrant colors to give your bedroom a character
    • Change the lighting in your room, get new lamps or relocate the lamps you already have in your room
    • Hang some artwork on your bedroom walls
    • Also, light up a scented candle to give your room a cozy vibe
    • Declutter your bedroom floor, your closet and your vanity desk

    These not so over the top changes can make a huge difference to your bedroom, you can make your room more cozy, more comfortable, and more inviting.

    7 Tips to Create a sleep-friendly bedroom

    7 Tips to Create a sleep-friendly bedroom

    It is said that quality sleep is one of the most important things for a healthy body and lifestyle along with a balanced diet and proper exercise. Most of us are only able to fall asleep within the comforts of our own room, but sometimes we even struggle to fall asleep there and lay awake for hours! Although a nighttime routine is important to prepare your body for dozing off, sleep environment is equally important to enhance the sleeping experience. Mentioned below are top 7 ways to make your room sleep-friendly.

    Keep it clean

    keep it clean

    Keep your room free from all kinds of distractions and junk. Your room is a place where you need to relax, ensure that it is filled with things that help you calm down, inspire you and help you get away from all worries. Moreover, a room that is neat and free of excessive clutter can also help unclutter your mind.

    Put away all electronic devices

    Although tempting, all kinds of electronics such as TVs, laptops, phones, etc. should be out of your room when you get into bed. It is found that screens emit a blue light that signals our brain to stay up and not rest which may disrupt the sleep cycle.  

    Maintain a pleasant scent

    Aromatherapy is found to be a great way to promote sleep. The scented flower essential oils help bring about a calming and relaxing effect that can help you delve into a deep slumber.

    Make your bed comfortable

    Ensure that your mattress is soft and comfortable or as your prefer when you go to sleep. Any kind of lumps, rips or sags can greatly disrupt your sleep as well as your posture. Moreover, make sure that your pillow is the right thickness as well as your sheets and fresh and clean to help you get a good night’s sleep.

    Paint the room in cool tones

    The colors of your surroundings are found to impact your mood. Blues, greens, and neutral colors are said to have a calming effect and put your mind to ease while sharper, bright colors may have the opposite effect.

    Keep the room dark and quiet

    Excess lights and unwanted noises are one of the biggest sleep thieves. Make sure to draw the drapes, turn the lights off and turn over your phone to eliminate all light from your room. Secondly, try to turn all noises down in the house or make use of soothing music to help you doze off quick.

    Keep your room cool

    As the body temperature drops, the body prepares to fall asleep. A cold room has been associated with reducing insomnia, improving sleep quality and increasing melatonin production.


    There might be many factors that may rob you off your peaceful sleep, but most of them can be easily tackled and eliminated. By making use of the methods mentioned above, you can enhance your sleeping experience in your bedroom that is vital for a refreshed, energetic mind and body for the day ahead.

    What's the ideal number of pillows to have on your bed?

    What's the ideal number of pillows to have on your bed?

    Almost all of us sleep with a pillow or two under our heads. Pillow are said to be essential for a good night’s sleep. These soft, fluffy things feel so good to touch and to lay our head on, and a few of us even enjoy being surrounded by a pile of pillows when we sleep. However, there are a few cons of too many pillows.
    When asked that how many pillows should one actually sleep with? The answer, according to many experts, is ONE.
    It is true that just one pillow under the head is perfect for a good snooze, but it is important to find the one true pillow that is comfortable, just the right height and simply perfect!

    Why should you use just one pillow?

    Pillows play an important role in maintaining a good posture. People with back or neck pains and other health problems are usually the ones who pile up pillows under their head at night and have bad postures.
    It is important that your head, neck, and spine stay aligned and in a neutral position when you sleep. You need to find a pillow with a suitable height according to your neck and spine and doesn’t exaggerate or make you lose your spinal curvature.

    What kind of pillow for different sleepers?

    Although it is recommended to use just one pillow, not all of us sleep in the same position and require a different level of comforts. Therefore we need a pillow with a loft, a term used to describe the pillow thickness, to work along with our sleeping position.

    • Side sleepers

    People who sleep on their sides need a thicker pillow. This is because such a pillow can help the individual align their shoulders and neck and prevent any soreness.

    • Back sleepers

    Low to medium lofts are great for people who tend to sleep on their backs. These are considered as an ideal thickness to maintain the natural alignment of the spine while sleeping.

    • Stomach sleepers

    People sleeping on their stomach already have a quite straight and rested spine that is in proper alignment with the neck and head. Therefore, such people should make use of a very thin pillow or maybe even no pillow at all as a thicker pillow may cause their neck to move up and back towards the spine.


    The use of a single pillow is recommended by experts and is found to be great for a comfortable sleep and maintaining a good posture. Hence, if you are one of those who has been stocking multiple pillows under their head, it is to change!


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